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Custom Work 
It is our policy to not say no unless it involves safety or legal reason. We have a wealth of knowledge to help guide you in the right direction for your next build. Alongside our AR’s we have the ability to turn out truly custom and unique 1911’s, Bolt Action’s, and other firearms.

Factory Options

The "only Limitation is your Imagination.” Nothing is "out of the question” here at Battle Rifle. While we produce a very fine product we understand that some customers want a little this or a little that. We can make that happen. Below are listed examples of common options, but not all that is available. JUST ASK. For special orders call us: 281-777-0316 or write to: info@BattleRifleCompany.com
• Chamberings (BR4)
• 5.56x45mm
• .223 Wylde
• .223 Rem
• .300 BLK
• 6.8 SPC
• 7.62x39mm
• 5.45x39mm
• 6.5 Grendel
• .458 SOCOM
• .50 Beowulf
• 9x19mm

• Barrel Lengths
• 7.5”-24”

• Barrel Material
• Chrome Molybdenum
• Stainless
• Gas System Length
• Pistol
• Carbine
• Mid-Length
• Intermediate
• Rifle
• Twist Rates
• 1x7-1x12 (.223)

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Custom Copper Rifle Custom Pink Rifle

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Please call 281-777-0316 or email info@battleriflecompany.com if you have an immediate need. Battle Rifle Company

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