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Zero malfunctions 

Shelby Township Michigan

I have 1130 rounds of various types of 5.56 & .223 ammo thru my BR4 Spectre.
I have had a total of ZERO malfunctions.
Have shot in a variety of conditions.
The gun has been flawless.
A great testament to the rifle and the quality that goes into a rifle built by Battle Rifle Company.
Once again, I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to many years of outstanding operation.
Thank you again for the super high quality build.
Take Care!



my review of my new Battle Rifle Company (BRC) BR4 Paratrooper 


So here is my review of my new Battle Rifle Company (BRC) BR4 Paratrooper and the events leading up to my purchase: I first heard of BRC at Preparedness Headquarters in Prescott, AZ. There are a few of them hanging on the walls and I inquired about them. First off, the rifles have a badass look, at least in my opinion. I handled them on a couple different occasions and then looked them up on the old internet for reviews. The first reviews that pop up are not very flattering. Looking further into the reviews it appears that some of the issues were addressed. At any rate I decided to go ahead and purchase the Paratrooper model. I bought the rifle on 5/13/16 from Preparedness Headquarters. Not a huge deal but I liked that it came with an actual case as opposed to a cardboard box. I am not sure if that is a Preparedness Headquarters thing or a BRC thing. This is only the third M4 Style rifle that I have purchased and the other two came in cardboard boxes. My first was a Colt LE6920 that I bought when I returned from an Afghanistan deployment in 2012. The second was a DPMS Panther Carbine 16 I bought in early 2013 for my son to run. Nothing special about the case I just thought it was better than a box. I got my rifle home and disassembled it to put a cleaning on it prior to firing. The owner's manual leaves a bit to be desired. It looks like it was put together in house and is not very descriptive of this particular model of rifle. Disassembly requires a little bit of finesse removing the upper receiver from the lower due to the wire stock "Paratrooper" design. Now that I have cracked the code on it, the only issue is remembering that the buffer spring wants to fly across the room when you take it apart. Along with some BRC swag thrown in with the purchase also in the case was a trial size of Frog Lube. I am not going to go into detail but this is the first time I have used Frog Lube and so far I like it. Once cleaned, I replaced the BRC charging handle with an AXTS Raptor, put an Inforce WMLx White Model light on it and headed to the range to zero and run some drills. I also put a Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter in the hole provided for a single point sling. The BRC Muzzle Brake gives the rifle a loud report but does its job with the recoil. The rifle pushes mostly straight back and is easily put back on target. I thought the FAB Defense Folding Sights were a pretty sweet setup, the front sight in particular. The only thing I have ever dealt with is the standard military set up that are a pain in the ass. At any rate, out of the box I made no windage adjustments but had to crank the elevation way down. This is not an issue, just my experience with the rifle. After I got done monkeying around with the iron sights I put a Trijicon ACOG on top and dialed that in. I really like the Hexrail. It is very functional and looks awesome. If you are going to run the rifle hard and fast, gloves are a must as the rail gets crazy hot. It does cool off pretty quickly after a hard run though. The trigger was smooth and reset was very distinct and short. I am a little concerned with how the action runs. It isn't as smooth as I would expect. Sounds like it has sand in it. It does seems to be smoothing out after a second cleaning though. I didn't run any real drills with the rifle but the wire stock and the single point attachment look like they are going to be very functional. Overall I am happy with my purchase so far and would recommend this rifle. As of now the BRC Paratrooper is my primary rifle.

 From a Satisfied Customer - March 28, 2016

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for an outstanding AR build(BR4 Spectre) backed by excellent customer service.The Manta Rail covers were a very nice surprise.They showed up just as I was headed for the range.Put thru 200 rounds and it shot like a champ.Keep up the great service and best of luck in your business.You guys know how to do things the right way. 
Very Happy customer in Michigan.
Thanks again, Eric Cheever



One of the perceived faults with the AR-15 platform that has served for four decades in service is its supposed unreliability. Start talking M16s, and it won’t be long until someone brings up jammed guns in Vietnam. While the problems were real and the mistakes were unforgiveable, the AR has evolved and matured over the years to become not only one of the premier weapons on the battlefield but a commercially dominant seller in civilian adaptations. The lessons learned over the past 40+ years have led to a gun that is reliable, accurate, and very much in demand among professional, competitive, and recreational shooters.

Battle Rifle Company's BR4 Odin Rifle 


Battle Rifle Company (BRC) is a Texas based company that specializes in manufacturing quality built AR based rifle platforms. They have been in business for about five years and started out just building 5.56 guns. They later evolved into taking the next logical step by building .308 rifles. This year, at the SHOT Show, they were showing the new pistol version of their .308 rifle as well as their new AR-15 9mm pistol called the Attache. In fact, they make 5.56 and .308 pistols as well and they also carry the Attache model designation..

Review: Battle Rifle BR4 SPECTRE


Assault Rifle. Patrol Rifle. Assault Weapon. How many different wordings have we seen used to describe a semi-automatic, box magazine fed shoulder fired weapon?  Too many. How about one that we can actually call what it is?  Battle Rifle.  Not only a type of tool to be used but also the name of the company that manufactures them.  I’d never heard of the company up until last year and then I got the contact, received one for test & evaluation and will never again call this type of rifle anything else: Battle Rifle.  Take a look.


Torture Testing: How much abuse should your gear take


I’ll admit that I find inspiration in varied places and circumstances. A recent moment of inspiration occurred when I stumbled upon an Internet post with the words "Battle Rifle Company” in the description.You see, in August 2013, my oldest son, Jarrad, and I spent a three-day weekend outside of Houston, Texas earning our Aerial Shooter Certifications. The rifles that we used exclusively during that event were AR-15 variants built by Battle Rifle Company of Seabrook, Texas. I’d say that between Jarrad and I we fired some four to five hundred rounds of .223 Remington ammunition through each of the two rifles.The guns started out cleaned and well-lubricated.



Here at Maxx Tactical, we specialize in the AR platform and have been fortunate to work with a lot of big name companies, and through our distributors we have access to just about any rifle you can imagine. Our primary customer demographic is the tactical shooter (3 Gun being the chief market) and therefore we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products in this market.

At this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas (In case you’re not familiar, SHOT is the firearm industries largest trade show and it takes place in January of every year) we had the opportunity to meet Chris Kurzadkowsi and his team at Battle Rifle Company (BRC) who immediately impressed us with both their product and their attitude.

Battle Rifle Co AR-15 pattern rifle


I'm still early in my addiction to the AR pattern - I only own one, and while I lust after others, so far finance has prevented me from leaping. Further, I've never worked in a gun shop nor been certified as an armorer - and no, I didn't build out my AR all on my own either - so my perspective is that of an end user. I can just about get as far as "Is gun. Bang comes out THAT end." before I begin to run a bit thin on expertise.

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Product Review
11/19/2013  Daryl Parker

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Product Review
Daryl Parker - Season 2 Top Shot competitor, creator of Marksman's Challenge, and Official Battle Rifle Company Spokesperson, and proud owner of a custom BR4 from Battle Rifle Company - reviews the BR4.


"I recently purchased a new BR4 from Battle Rifle Company. Right from the beginning, I was astounded at the light weight and phenomenal accuracy of this particular rifle. More than anything else, however, I was impressed by the company's uncompromising dedication to customer service. This is an unbeatable combination that will attract and ensure satisfied customers for many, many years to come.

---L.S., Albuquerque, NM."

"I want to give you a little feedback on my new Battle Rifle Company BR-16. At the age of 14 after working all summer I had saved enough money to purchase my first firearm; a Weatherby .30-06. You see, I have always had a desire to own "quality” over quantity. Since then I have added many fine weapons to my collection. I have now owned my BR-16 for a year, and after more than a thousand rounds, I think it is safe to say, it is by far my favorite weapon. The fit, finish, and especially the accuracy are incredible. I have shot next to AR owners with MUCH more expensive weapons, and every time my rifle shoots more accurately hands down. Your website says this is a 1” gun at 100 yards, but that is not accurate- ½” is a much closer description of the groups I see, and I am using bulk ammo. For anyone looking for a medium range tactical rifle (or ZOMBIE killer) I would highly recommend this gun!”

David R. Deer Park, Texas

"Thanks a lot! There are not many companies that would go this far to help with the problem like you guys did. I will tell everyone that will listen what a good company you have.”

Ron S. Galveston County

"I am writing you this letter to tell you how impressed I am with your product and your customer service. First, I would like to tell you about how your rifle has been used. I am a weapons trainer for law enforcement and civilians we have our students use your rifles when theirs break down. I enjoy the look on the students faces when I tell them that the rifle they are using is built in Texas, and then again when I tell them how many trouble free rounds have been put through them. I have had situations where the rifle has been completely submerged in water to many times to count. It has been carried while traveling through mud. My BRC rifle has even been used to help get me over and through sand dunes as well- all the time operating. The rifle has had roughly twelve thousand rounds through it to date and most of those rounds come in 500 to 1,000 rounds per day increments. It has about 5,000 rounds of continuous suppressed fire through it on top of the daily round counts. The only malfunction I have had with this rifle is that the castle nut came loose.


I contacted Battle Rifle Company and you guys invited me to your shop, where you replaced the old castle nut with a new one at no charge. When one of your armorers inquired about how many rounds I had through the gun. I told him, whereby he immediately started to inspect the entire rifle inside and out. He then replaced the parts he thought might have been worn due to my hard use of your rifle. That is AMAZING customer service and that is why I feel compelled to write you this letter.


Since buying this rifle, which I refer to as my, "work gun” I have sold my other AR platforms and replaced them with Battle Rifle Company rifles. I have multiple calibers, .223, .308 and 300 BLK., all of them work without incident. I also use multiple barrel lengths, 7in., 14.5in, 16in., 18in., and 20in. At our school we use what the students bring to the class for ammo. 55 gr. FMJ and 62gr. green tip ammo are the most common, but we have used reloads and steel cased ammo as well in your rifles. It all functions flawlessly.


Knowing how you conduct your company and your customer support I am confident in all the products I have purchased from you. I know that I use my rifles more than most firearms enthusiast. In my line of work they are more tools then things to collect or shoot on the weekends with friends. I actually deploy these rifles the way they were intended. I clean them when they are dirty and oil them when needed, other than that I do not do anything special to them. They come good to go right out of the box. Thanks for making superior products and all your efforts in support of those products.”


Weapons Instructor

"Purchased one of your lower receivers just yesterday at Locked and Loaded Arms, Inc. in Seabrook. Put it together with a Mil Surp. kit, very tight with little slop between upper and lower. If Mil Spec. was a measurement you guys hit it right on the nose. Fantastic product, keep it up! Semper Fidelis.”


Jason P. Clear Lake, Texas

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