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• Do you have outdated 1033 weapons in your inventory? Would you like to turn those old, tired, and dust gathering "muskets” into modern M4 or MK18 style weapon systems? According to the DLA, 1033 standard
operating procedure for modifications are 1. Modifications cannot be permanent, 2. The LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) is required to retain all original parts removed from the weapon to perform the modification, 3.
When the LEA returns the weapon, it must be returned to the original configuration prior to shipment.

• Battle Rifle Company will work directly with you to update your current 1033 inventory or any weapon, into the EXACT configuration you desire. From Short Barrel Rifles to Designated Marksman Rifles, and everything
in between, Battle Rifle Company will satisfy your needs. We will ensure that your 1033 weapons stay in compliance and will give you any guidance you may need and answer any questions you may have.

• We have numerous options over the entire spectrum of this program, updating just being the tip of the spear. We will work with you on pickup and delivery, initial training, Armorers courses, maintenance, and
reconfigure in the need of turn in. We can also offer Intermediate and Advanced Carbine courses.


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