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Review Of Best Handguns For Left Handed Shooters In 2023

Here’s a surprising fact for you (Well, it surprised us!). It is estimated that only around 10-12% of the world’s population are left-handed. So, where does that leave left-handed shooters when it comes to weapon choice?

Thankfully, in a reasonably good place (although it could and should be far better!). Therefore, we’ve decided to review 8 of the best handgun for left handed shooters. These will come from a variety of manufacturers and in a variety of styles.

But before getting into our Best Handguns for Left Handed Shooters reviews, let’s look at some of the most common handgun challenges faced by lefties…

Best Handguns For Left Handed Shooters

Downsides and Drawbacks of being a Left-Handed Shooter

Being in the minority when it comes to shooting with your left hand certainly causes challenges. However, these are not insurmountable. As long as they are understood, lefties can have just as much fun with a handgun as their right-handed friends.

Because these challenges make shooting a right-handed gun when left handed far more difficult, lefties should aim for one thing. That is making sure a left-handed or ambidextrous handgun is chosen.

But why is this?

Control of the Handgun

Best Handguns For Left Handed Shooters Control

Lefties will find the most annoying aspect of right-handed firearm use comes with the position of the weapons controls. This is because the majority of controls are situated on the left-hand side of the gun to allow the shooter to operate them with the thumb of the right-hand.

Being left-handed means your thumb will be on the right-hand side of the guns, opposite to where the controls are! This means such things as changing the handgun from fire mode to safe, releasing the bolt, and removing the magazine are all much more difficult for a left-handed shooter to accomplish when using a right-handed weapon.

Therefore, a left-handed shooter using a right-handed firearm has to drop the shooting stance they are in to use their other hand to complete these actions.

Hot Casings and Potential Ejection Issues

Let’s deal with these two issues separately:

Hot Casings

This is more likely to affect left-handed shooters using a right handed rifle or shotgun. However, it can still be an issue when using handguns. This is because the ejection port of a right handed rifle will be on the same side as a left-handed shooter’s face.

Therefore, you need to expect hot spent casings to be ejected very close to your face. While more often than not, these will not ‘hit’ you, there is a chance they could. This does not make for the most comfortable shooting experience!

Potential Ejection Issues

Best Handguns For Left Handed Shooters Issue

If you are left-handed and using a right-handed weapon that experiences a rare catastrophic failure, this will be a major issue. This is because there is a strong likelihood that a huge amount of hot gas will blast directly into your face. Certainly not something that you ever want to happen.

One other consideration is in the event of being attacked by an assailant at very close quarters. There is no denying that the retention position in these circumstances can work. However, lefties using a right-handed weapon that has an ejection issue will find it takes longer to resolve. This delay can lose you vital seconds in self-defense.

So, what’s the solution?

Left-handed shooters have a reasonable choice of handguns that have been designed specifically for their use. The alternative is to go for a weapon with ambidextrous controls. These are firearms that give a choice because the controls can be accessed from either side of the weapon.

Examples being the safety, charging handle, and magazine release. Some of these models even offer the ability to change the side from which your spent casings are ejected. Obviously, going for one of these options will offer a far safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable shooting experience for left-handed shooters.

With these options in mind, let’s take a look at the 8 top handguns for left handed shooters currently on the market 2023…

Top 8 Best Handguns for Left Handed Shooters

  1. HK 45 Compact V7 .45 ACP Pistol – Best Mid Range Handgun for Left Handed Shooters
  2. Charter Arms Lavender Lady Revolver – .38 Special + P – Best Handgun for Left Handed Women
  3. Glock G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ Pistol – UA4450101 – Best Beginners Handgun for Left Handed Shooters
  4. Beretta PX4 Storm – Best Concealed Carry Handgun for Left Handed Shooters
  5. IWI Masada 9mm Striker-Fired Pistol – Best Value for the Money Handgun for Left Handed Shooters
  6. Glock19 Gen 5 FS Pistol – PA195S201 – Most Accurate Handgun for Left Handed Shooters
  7. Walther PPQ Q4 Match 9mm 15RD 4″ Pistol – Best Premium Handgun for Left Handed Shooters
  8. Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight Revolver – Best Double Action Revolver for Left Handed Shooters

1 HK 45 Compact V7 .45 ACP Pistol – Best Mid Range Handgun for Left Handed Shooters

We start with an ambidextrous model from the renowned Heckler & Koch stable. This is their HK 45 Compact V7 model.

Compact concealment…

The HK 45 Compact V7 model has smaller overall dimensions than the famed standard HK45 handgun. It also comes with a slim-line grip profile. Apart from these differences, it is virtually identical to its bigger brother.

It comes with a cold hammer-forged barrel length of 3.94-inches included in its overall length of 7.24-inches. In terms of weight, you will be carrying 28.48-ounces. This robustly constructed weapon has a frame finished in black along with interchangeable backstrap grips of the same color.

Law Enforcement Modification…

The model we are looking at comes with a DAO (Double Action Only) trigger that uses the unique HK LEM (Law Enforcement Modification) firing system. This provides an enhanced DA (Double Action) trigger pull. It should be noted that there are models offering different trigger firing modes. This includes DA/SA (Double-Action/Single-Action).

It has a standard capacity of 8+1 rounds, but 10-round magazines are also available. This includes those designed for the full-size HK45. Caliber is .45 ACP, and shooters can choose .45 ACP ball through +P ammo. Purchase includes two 8-round magazines.

Superior performance…

HK is renowned for their weapon build. This compact handgun follows in that tradition. It is made using a top-quality cold-hammer forging process and comes with the company’s proprietary O-ring barrel. These two features and more give optimal accuracy through precise barrel-to-slide lockup.

The integral recoil reduction system reduces felt recoil by up to 30%. The benefits are seen through enhanced weapon control and increased service life. It is also possible to fit threaded barrels for shooters wishing to use the weapon with muzzle mounted sound suppressors.

Both hand use…

This is where left-handed shooters will find serious benefits. Upon purchase, you receive an extra backstrap to ensure a custom fit for either hand shooting. With additional parts, the improved USP-style control lever function can be switched from the left to the right side.

By doing so, it will meet the needs of left-handed shooters. It should also be noted that the included combination safety and decocking lever make left-handed operation easy, reliable, and accurate.

True ambidextrous use is possible…

While we are concentrating on the best handguns for left handed shooters, the HK45 Compact V7 offers true ambidextrous use. This can be achieved by mounting a control lever on both sides of the handgun.


  • Quality manufacturer.
  • Built to last.
  • Accurate.
  • Very popular handgun.
  • True ambidextrous use is yours.
  • Magazine capacity choice.


  • Extra parts are required for full left-handed use.
  • Moving up the price ladder.

2 Charter Arms Lavender Lady Revolver – .38 Special + P – Best Handgun for Left Handed Women

Our next review centers on a weapon designed for left-handed female shooters. So, here is the Charter Arms Lavender Lady Double Action Revolver.

A wide choice of finishes…

Charter Arms have based the design of this revolver along the lines of their trademarked, highly popular Undercover Lite model. You have a choice of different models and color finishes to suit your preference. Whichever is chosen, the performance is the same!

All model options are made with a robust, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum frame. As for the cylinder, barrel, and its working parts, these are made from stainless steel. The model we are looking at has a stylish lavender finish.

Leaders in southpaw handguns…

Charter Arms offers a range of best handguns for left handed shooters. As mentioned, their Southpaw choice of handguns are identical to their Undercover Lite range but with one significant difference.

They have been completely reverse-engineered for left-handed use. This design means that the cylinder releases and opens to the right side of the weapon to give ultimate left-handed convenience.

This .38 Special revolver features:

  • A 2-inch barrel.
  • Fixed sights.
  • Traditional spurred hammer.
  • A three-point cylinder lock.
  • 5-shot capacity.
  • This ultra-lightweight 5-shot .38 Special features also features a 2” barrel, fixed sights, and traditional spurred hammer.
  • Model: 53840
  • Finish: 2-Tone: Lavender & Stainless
  • Frame: 7075 Aluminum
  • Grip: Standard
  • Caliber: .38 Special
  • Hammer: Standard
  • Weight: 12 oz.

Choice of action…

This ultra-lightweight handgun weighs in at just 12 ounces. It shoots in double action or offers the ability to cock with the traditional spur hammer. In terms of quick concealed draw, the fixed sights should not interfere with this action. As for the design of the rubber grips, these give a dual advantage by providing a solid weapon hold and helping to absorb felt recoil.

All-in-all, any left-handed shooter looking for a purpose-designed left-hand gun will find exactly what they are after when choosing a firearm from Charter Arms.


  • Leaders in left-handed handgun design.
  • Ladies will like the choice of finishes available.
  • Variety in models available.
  • Easy to conceal.


  • None for the ladies.

3 Glock G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ Pistol – UA4450101 – Best Beginners Handgun for Left Handed Shooters

When it comes to the best handguns for left handed shooters, Glock models have to be right up there. Therefore, we will be reviewing two models that are more than suitable for lefties. The first is their G44 22LR model.

Glock reliability…

While Glock does not produce the most attractive handguns out there, they do produce weapons that can be depended on. The quality of build, along with longevity and reliability of use, is legendary for a reason. This G44 model is no different.

It is 22LR caliber, comes with two load-assist magazines, and has a 10+1 round capacity. Weighing in at 14.64 ounces, this handgun has an overall length of 7.28-inches. This includes the Glock Marksman barrel length of 4.02-inches. The frame material is durable polymer, and you also get adjustable sights and a ‘Safe Action’ safety feature.

Good choice for beginners…

The G44 is a good choice for those starting out on the handgun ownership trail. It has an innovative hybrid steel-polymer slide and is chambered in Glock’s first .22 caliber. This lightweight handgun also affords shooters low recoil to enhance weapon control.

Thanks to its compact size and a choice of supplied backstraps, shooters will find it adapts to just about every hand size. The weapon also includes adjustable rear sights.


  • Glock reliability.
  • Good choice for beginners.
  • First Glock model chambered in .22 caliber.
  • The Glock Marksman Barrel enhances accuracy.


  • Reduced capacity compared to other Glock models.
  • Can be choosy regarding loaded ammo.

4 Beretta PX4 Storm – Best Concealed Carry Handgun for Left Handed Shooters

The PX4 Storm from Beretta is certainly a handgun worthy of lefties’ attention.

Another excellent concealed carry option…

Beretta’s name certainly goes before them. Indeed, there are experienced handgun owners out there who claim the PX4 Storm series is up there with the very best. The sub-compact model we are reviewing is a semi-auto pistol that comes in 9mm.

In terms of action, it is Double/Single and has an overall length of 6.22-inches, which includes the 3-inch barrel. The PX4 Storm weighs in at 26.1 ounces. These dimensions ensure that ease of every-day concealed carry is yours.

Durable with good capacity…

Construction-wise the frame, stock, and grips are made from durable polymer. This quality build and design ensures that robust, long, and reliable use is yours. The capacity offered is 13+1 rounds, and the handgun comes with two included magazines.

The PX4 Storm has a 3-Dot fixed sight system, which works to give shooters the required accuracy. As for the included backstrap options, these also ensure ease of ambidextrous use.

Safe and secure…

There are two safety features: an ambidextrous safety and Decocker. Any shooter wishing to add accessories will be able to do so thanks to the included Picatinny rail.


  • Part of the highly popular Beretta handgun family.
  • Robust, long term use is yours.
  • Every-Day concealed carry is made easy.
  • More than acceptable capacity.
  • Snag-free feature for a faster draw.


  • None.

5 IWI Masada 9mm Striker-Fired Pistol – Best Value for the Money Handgun for Left Handed Shooters

IWI may not be as well known to civilian shooters as some of the more familiar handgun manufacturers. This does not mean they should be overlooked.

A company first…

IWI are well-established in the manufacture of Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA) pistols as well as long guns. Their manufacturing expertise is second to none. An example of this is the fact that all weapon systems produced comply with stringent MIL-STD (Military Standard) requirements.

The Masada is the company’s first polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol. And the quality and features of this gun are excellent.

Left-handed shooting out of the box…

In terms of robust build, reliability, and ease of use, the quality left handed handguns do not get much better. Thoughtful ergonomics mean a comfortable yet tight shooting grip is yours. This design element ensures a naturally instinctive pointing grip angle.

Flexible hand-size fitment is yours…

This top-quality handgun comes with three interchangeable wrap-around back-straps. When coupled with the deep beavertail feature, it means that this Masada pistol will fit the majority of hand sizes.

The trigger press is intuitive, and the gun comes with fully ambidextrous controls such as the slide and magazine release. As for reduced felt recoil, this is largely achieved through the design of its low-profile barrel. Thanks to these attributes and more, lefties will be pleased to know that this handgun is ready to shoot left-handed out of the box.

Power and capacity to please…

This semi-automatic 9mm caliber handgun has a 4.1-inch cold hammer-forged barrel included in its overall length of 7.4-inches. It comes with white dot sights and weighs in at 1.4-lbs without the magazine.

As for capacity, ample ammunition is yours. Included in purchase are two 17 round steel magazines giving a capacity of 17+1 rounds per full load.

Let’s get into a few more details…

It utilizes a modular serialized high-grade steel trigger mechanism housing. As well as comfortable ease of use, shooters will find disassembly and maintenance very straightforward.

The actual trigger has a 6-lb pull to ensure clean and crisp breaking along with a positive reset. It also features a built-in trigger safety. Therefore, unless the trigger is pulled, the gun will not fire.

What’s in the box?

Along with the included white 3-dot sights and three interchangeable wrap-around backstraps, optic plates are also included. These will accommodate such optics as the Trijicon RMR, Vortex Venom, Leupold DeltaPoint, and Sig ROMEO1 optical sights. The IWI Masada pistol also has an integrated Picatinny accessory rail.

When looking at the best quality handguns for left handed shooters, the Masada has to be a very strong contender. This is seen in terms of top quality build, functionality, reliability, and value for money.


  • Top quality.
  • Built to highest MIL-STD specs.
  • Robust, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Quality features and functionality.
  • Large capacity.
  • Crisp, clean trigger pull.
  • Ready for lefty use straight out of the box.
  • Very good price point for what is offered.


  • None.

6 Glock19 Gen 5 FS Pistol – PA195S201 – Most Accurate Handgun for Left Handed Shooters

We promised you another Glock model. So, here is the G19 Gen 5, and thanks to its design, left handed shooting is yours.

Flexible fit, and comes with a punch…

Lefties should be sure to go for the Glock 19 Gen 5. This midsize pistol comes with a new frame design that does not have finger grooves. Rather, it offers different back straps to fit any hand size (these straps are included in purchase).

It also has a reversible magazine catch as well as an ambidextrous slide stop lever that makes left-handed use easy. Another magazine feature worthy of note comes in the flared magazine well. This works highly effectively to speed up reloading and could prove vital in emergency self-defense situations.

The model we are reviewing has a 15+1 round capacity, but there are different magazine sizes available. This includes 10 and 17-round magazines. The 9mm caliber means that when fired, this weapon packs a punch.

Accuracy is yours…

This quality handgun offers accuracy over longer distances than other manufacturer handguns. It comes with a factory enhanced milled slide cut-out and MOS (Modular Optic System).

The MOS feature allows shooters to attach aftermarket optic sights to suit personal preferences. As for the FS (Front Slide) serrations, these have been designed to accommodate slide racking with an optic sight installed.

Nice and compact…

Conceal carry should not cause too much of an issue. The G19 Gen 5 features a drop safe trigger to prevent accidental discharge and weighs in at 21.34 ounces. Its overall length is 7.28-inches, which includes the 4.02-inch barrel and is 1.18-inches wide.


  • Built to last.
  • Acceptably concealable.
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • Ease of magazine change.
  • Milled slide cut-out for optic sights.
  • Flared magazine well.
  • No finger grooves.
  • Integral accessory rail.


  • Noticeable investment.

7 Walther PPQ  Q4 Match 9mm 15RD 4″ Pistol – Best Premium Handgun for Left Handed Shooters

Our penultimate review centers on yet another top-quality weapons manufacturer: Walther.

Is it the best polymer striker-fired pistol out there?

The answer many experienced shooters would give is a yes. The PPQ family of handguns has taken the market by storm. The one we are looking at is the Walther PPQ Q4 Match.

This 9mm caliber pistol has a high quality steel frame and synthetic grip. It also comes with low profile 3-dot sights, a Quick Defense trigger, and 1913 accessory rail. Weighing in at 39.7 ounces, it has an overall length of 7.4-inches that includes the 4-inch barrel. Capacity is 15 rounds, and three magazines are included with purchase.

Superior conceal carry design…

It should be said that the PPQ Q4 Match is at the upper end of handgun prices on our list. However, the superior quality on offer makes for very solid value to those shooters who can justify the outlay.

This handgun has been designed with ease of concealed carry in mind. Therefore, it is suitable for anyone who wants or needs to wear a gun every day and for long periods. In terms of ergonomics and ease of handling, shooters will benefit from:

  • The wrap-around grip panel.
  • Extended beavertail.
  • Recessed slide release.
  • Full-length Picatinny rail for those who wish to add accessories.

Reduced recoil is also yours…

This is thanks to the steel frame weight distribution, which greatly reduces felt recoil. Therefore, all of these features work together to help improve shooting performance and enhance overall weapon handling efficiency.

Built to last…

Anyone purchasing the Walther PPQ Q4 Match can be assured of long use. This premium concealed carry firearm offers consistent accuracy and continual use in whatever conditions it is used in.


  • Walther quality.
  • Robust, reliable, and stylish.
  • Designed with reduced felt recoil in mind.
  • Designed for comfortable EDC (Every Day Carry).
  • Consistent accuracy.


  • Significant investment.

8 Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight Revolver – Best Double Action Revolver for Left Handed Shooters

We finish our review of the best guns for left handed shooters off with a quality double-action revolver from Smith & Wesson. This is their 642 Airweight model.

A design that has certainly stood the test of time…

Smith & Wesson are among the industry leaders in terms of firearms production. Their J-Frame revolvers have been meeting the needs of shooters since 1950.

The handgun we are reviewing is a modern variation of the iconic Model 42 Centennial Airweight. Utilizing the revered J-Frame design, the 642 Airweight model integrates all original features of the company’s time-tested handguns but comes with modern additions. This compact revolver offers full power round ability along with simplicity and ease of use.

A lightweight, no-snag design is yours…

Coming with a quality aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel barrel, this revolver is corrosion-resistant against humidity or body perspiration. It is a long-lasting revolver that will perform time and again.

The 1.88-inch barrel is included in its overall 6.4 inch length and weight of just 15-ounces. This double action only revolver has a 5-shot cylinder, which is rated for +P .38 Special ammo. Shooters will find the no-snag design makes it perfect for concealed carry, and this is seen through two major features:

  • An internal hammer: This eliminates any risk of the hammer getting snagged on holsters or clothing when the need is to draw quickly.
  • Low profile design: This couples with a ramp front sight and fixed notch rear sight to further aid snag-free use.

Rapid access for personal protection…

Being double-action only, the 642 Airweight affords shooters a very fast personal defense handgun. In the event that deployment is required in a stressful situation, the operation is simple. Therefore, once drawn, the only requirement is to point and pull the trigger!

Use is made even easier thanks to the quality synthetic grips and inherent ergonomic design that aid gun pointability. Any shooter looking for an easily carried, rapidly deployable revolver with enough firepower to protect themselves in self-defense situations will find the 642 Airweight fits the bill.


  • Designed around a long-proven S&W platform.
  • Has stood the test of time.
  • Lightweight and easily concealable.
  • No-snag design.
  • Internal hammer – Double action only.
  • Very simple to use.


  • Some shooters may want more.

Best Handguns for Left Handed Shooters Buyer’s Guide

Don’t feel any pressing need to learn right-handed shooting?

If you are naturally left-handed, then do not feel the pressure to learn how to shoot right-handed. Yes, shooting with both hands certainly has advantages, but this is something you can consider at your leisure.

Feeling pressured into having to shoot with your non-dominant hand will take time and lead to frustration. There is an ample choice of left-handed or ambidextrous-use handguns that will more than serve their purpose for lefties.

Over time you may wish to try right-handed shooting, but this should not be deemed a necessity. Being totally comfortable shooting with your dominant left hand is the most important aspect of firearms use.

Looking for more superb Handgun choices?

If so, check out our comprehensive reviews of the Best Handguns for under 500 Dollars, the Best Handguns Women, and the Best Concealed Carry Handguns currently on the market.

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So, what are the Best Handguns for Left Handed Shooters?

Left-handed shooters do not have to settle for second best! We hope that our reviews of the best left handed handguns show that there really is a lot of choice out there.

While all of the above handguns meet the needs of left-handed shooters, we feel a duty to recommend one. With this in mind, our recommendation would have to be the…


IWI may not be as recognizable as many other manufacturers, but their weapons are second-to-none. This is seen in how widely military and law enforcement units across the world utilize them. This top-quality pistol has been built to the highest MIL-STD specs and is both robust as well as durable. The 17+1 capacity has to be admired, as does the consistently crisp and clean trigger pull.

This handgun offers flexible features, is designed to fit most hand-sizes, and accessories such as optics can be added as you please. To top it all off, the price you will pay must be seen as real value for money.

Happy and safe shooting.

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