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Canik TP9SF Review

Canik was established in 1997, and the TP9SF was adopted by the Turkish Police Force in 2013. It is a Turkish-made handgun that is imported into the United States through Century Arms out of Florida.

The Canik TP9SF One series that we review here is identical to the original TP9SF. The difference is that this One series is slightly less expensive than the TP9SF because in the box comes only one magazine, one back strap, and no holster (which is normally included by Canik).

Canik TP9SF Review

It’s a quality, affordable pistol, so, let’s find out all about it in this Canik TP9SF Review…

A ton of bang for your bucks…

Setting any notions of a more barebones package aside, this is a range-ready full-frame pistol. It offers shooters at all levels top-quality features, most notably its trigger functioning (which we elaborate on below). Let’s make it clear from the start here that this is not one of those budget guns that sacrifice quality or safety for a lower price.

Rather, it is perhaps safe to state that this pistol, with probably the best value in the striker-fired full-size pistol market, stands against any premium quality semi-automatic. As a matter of fact, the Turkish military ran it through a 60,000 round test and without a single failure — while maintaining NATO standards for accuracy!

So there ya go…

While this model cannot (or rather should not) replace a higher-end service duty-level gun. It surely offers a shooter experience that, in ways, are above its class.

The Canik TP9SF One handgun is for those of you who want (and perhaps require) high quality. As well as value that is easier on your bank book than a formally known top-shelf gun that may serve more for show-off novelty than functionality that meets your actual needs.

Weighing in at 28.32 ounces (empty), with an overall length of 7.55″ and a width of 1.30.” The Canik TP9SF’s handle-ability, along with its reliability, is a primary component of its value.

As you will see specifically in this review, the Canik TP9SF is a damn good pistol that offers an excellent way for even a new shooter on a budget to get into the hobby. Simply put, the Canik TP9SF 9mm pistol offers superb quality, reliability, and affordability in ways that may make it difficult for you not to want (and like) this handgun.

Let’s now briefly consider some of this super handgun’s most notable features, functions, as well as pros and cons.

Grip and Other Ergonomics

Starting from the front-end, the grip offers an ergonomically friendly experience. What we mean by this is that in addition to a being at a suitable length and angle (reasons why we may prefer a full-frame pistol), serrations on both the front and back ends provide for a secure feeling grip. This will be true if you have medium or larger sized hands.

Additional serrations on the front of the trigger guard, for those of you who like to rest a finger there, also provide for a secure-grip feeling. The whole package just feels solid.

Quick and easy mounting…

There are also three MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail slots located at the front of the squared trigger guard. These can be used for a light or laser. Moving forward in-terms of handling functionality, the TP9SF One’s magazine release is reversible (for left-handed shooters). However, it is not ambidextrous.

The slide release is of standard push-button construction and is slightly extended. Overall, while perhaps not top-notch-suitable for tactical shooting competition requiring super fast reloads, the slide release’s shape and position is good enough in terms of functionality and for preventing accidental slide lock-back.


Canik TP9SF
Photo by Ben

The Canik TP9SF has a 4.46-inch match grade barrel that is finely made from 4140 nitride finished, ordnance grade, heat treated steel. The barrel is land and groove button rifled to tight and exact tolerances. Jacketed and non-jacketed ammunition can be used for an accurate shooting experience.

It features a tactical threaded barrel that is threaded 1/2 X 28 US – common thread pitch so it will fit most suppressors without the need for an adapter.

A micro-polished feed ramp also adds to overall functioning and accuracy. A sturdy recoil spring absorbs recoil, adding to an overall smooth shooting experience.


Moving forward, the Canik TP9SF has industry-standard dovetail sight cuts. These are compatible with a large variety of aftermarket sights. You will look through a Warren tactical blacked-out back sight and a white dotted front sight.

While not as fancy as what the Canik TP9SF Elite models offers (e.g., fiber optic front dot). This arrangement makes for a practical yet highly functional sight picture contrast that is good enough for normal shooting conditions.

Some further good news is that the Canik TP9SF has available a number of after-market sight upgrade options.


Getting to the moving parts, sitting atop the Canik TP9SF’s polymer frame is a high-quality Tungsten Cerakote (nitrade) finished steel slide. It features a re-worked angular slide profile that should help to clear up the sight picture. Serrations on the front and back-end, in addition to slide contouring behind the chamber, provide for pleasantly functional gun grabbing points.

There isn’t too much more to say here on this component other than that some shooters have expressed concern about a very slight wobble between the frame and the slide. This is normal and nothing to worry about in terms of function. It happens only when the gun is empty and goes away after a magazine is inserted, and tension is placed upon the slide.

A nice function with the slide assembly is an indicator that you can see and feel when the chamber is loaded.


Last but not least, and where we focus most attention, is the Canik TP9SF’s perhaps most notable aspect: its trigger assembly!

The single-action only trigger — with an integrated trigger safety and no decocker — is perhaps surprisingly better than what’s available on higher-end guns. With an advertised 4.5-pound pull (which feels closer to 3.5 pounds after break-in), nickel-coated high-quality components provide for a smooth-as-butter firing experience.

When considering this gun’s price and class, what more could a shooter ask for in-terms of functional quality?

More specifically, the TP9SF’s trigger pull offers a bit of resistance before a fast, short, and crisp tactile release that is quickly reactivated by releasing trigger pressure. The take-up is just the right amount, and the over-travel is minimal.

Canik TP9SF Shooting
Photo by Ben

Unlike other pistols of similar class, there is no gritty feel with this trigger. It breaks clean and features an audible and tactile reset giving you a clear indication of when you’re ready for follow up shots. This, in addition to the potential for accuracy, allows you to accomplish fast second and third follow-up shots.

There is no drag as one may experience with other striker fired triggers. Moreover, only a slight partial rack of the slide resets the trigger. Again, the smooth trigger function is surely this pistol’s focus point sweet spot.

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The TP9SF One Series Pros and Cons


  • High-quality construction and reliable functioning.
  • Superb trigger assembly offering quality that is competitive with high-end pistols.
  • Affordable for those who want a reasonably high-quality full-frame pistol.
  • Ergonomically designed, with the shooter in mind.
  • Range ready out of the box, and customizable (e.g., back straps, sights, add-ons)
  • Has features that you would normally find on a higher-priced gun.
  • Service duty gun-level accurate.
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • A bit tall in the hand.
  • Comes with only has one magazine and grip module.
  • Appearance may seem a bit ugly to some shooters.

Canik TP9SF Review Conclusion

The TP9SF One series offers high-quality reliability and value, particularly for budget-minded shooters.

The trigger assembly on its own sets this gun apart from others in its class. It even matches or surpasses upper-end pistols of a similar style. The light, crisp trigger pull allows for a precise first strike and rapid, accurate follow-up shots. An aftermarket trigger is not necessary.

This gun is excellently machined…

It has a factory-polished feed ramp as well as a tried-and-true design. This delivers smooth and predictable feeding, extraction, and ejection. The coating of metal surfaces ensures protection, particularly against sweat-induced corrosion.

The TP9SF delivers more than sufficient accuracy for casual, competitive, or defensive use. While this is no custom match-grade handgun, the TP9SF is more than good enough for the average marksman.

Lastly, the TP9SF is very comfortable to hold and shoot. All controls are functional. Add on effective grip texture, cocking serrations, and textured controls, and you have an ideal out-of-the-box package.

In essence, this with-perks budget gun can do everything you need for a pleasant, safe, accurate, reliable, and pleasurable shooting experience.

Happy and safe shooting!

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