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Glock 19 vs Glock 26 Reviews

So let’s take a look then at these two very well-known gun models within the Glock series! We have the larger Glock 19, which has been described as a “Goldielocks” gun, in that it’s arguably a perfect size. Then we have the Glock 26, which is a subcompact version – made for concealed carry.

When all is said and done, the size difference between these two firearms is going to make a strong impact on which one you would choose. For the most hidden and lightweight option, you quite obviously would go for the 26. However, many gun owners have happily claimed that their 19 is concealed with no issues whatsoever.

Let’s take a more detailed look into each gun individually, and then we’ll make some comparisons…

The Glock 19

Photo by Pics by Andrew

Brought out in 1988, initially, the Glock 19 took a little time to start becoming popular. Eventually, the security industry, as well as plainclothes police, detective agencies, and others, realized the great deal they were getting with the Glock 19. Even military forces around the world swear by this guns prowess, reliability, and ease of use.

What many people started buying into was this almost perfectly sized 9mm striker pistol, that could be concealed, but wasn’t too small. The Glock 19 has now long been appreciated as an exceptionally easy to use and easy to maintain pistol.

The Glock 26

Also known as the “Baby Glock,” the Glock 26 is a subcompact firearm and is made to be the perfect concealed weapon choice. It’s been around for a good number of years, and it is one of the most popular options for concealed carry on the market today.

glock 26 review
Photo by Askild Antonsen

It is another striker style pistol, just like the Glock 19 but just smaller. Both the 19 and this Glock 26 are based on the Glock 17’s design, and they are almost identical in terms of features apart from size.

As well as being a concealed carry option, it was also intended to be a good choice of firearm for home defense purposes – and we can’t disagree with that! People forget that not everyone who is a gun owner is a gun enthusiast. The subcompact gun market is so popular because people nowadays want a good form of personal protection. The Glock 26 is a small, light, and discreet option, that appeals to many.

So now let’s take a look at different aspects of each gun, and then compare them…

How Big And How Small Are We Talking?

OK, so this is the most prominent difference you will find with these two pistols. The Glock 19 measures in at 7.28 inches in length and 4.99 inches in height, and has a thickness of 1.18 inches.

Looking at the Glock 26 now, it has the same thickness at 1.18 inches as well. The length of the 26 is 6.41 inches, so there is just under an inch of difference in length between the two guns.

The height of the 26 is definitely one of its unique selling points. At 4.17 inches in height, it’s a lot shorter than the Glock 19, so it does lend itself to be a lot more easily hidden.

If you’re thinking about carrying a gun in your pocket, or a concealed waistband – the Glock 26 stands out as a clear winner. The grip height certainly makes a difference when trying to conceal your weapon, especially in your waistband.

glock 19 vs glock26
Photo by Christian Shepherd

Magazine capacity vs. concealment…

The Glock 26 may be able to be concealed much more effectively due to its grip height, but this then lessens its standard magazine’s capacity for rounds. While the standard Glock 19 magazine allows for 15 rounds, the 26 has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

There is however an extended magazine option for the Glock 26, which gives you one extra round. But with the extension in place, you’re getting quite close to the height of a Glock 19.

It should also be noted that you can load in various other Glock magazines into both the 19 and the 26, because Glock keeps many aspects of their handgun designs the same. Of course, if you do load higher capacity cartridges, you will forego on concealment capabilities.

glock 26
Photo by Rich

One idea with the Glock 26 is that you could have a larger backup magazine on top of the standard magazine that comes with it. This idea could also apply to the Glock 19, even if you felt you needed some extra firepower in reserve.

Now, let’s take a look at how these guns measure up with their features…

Like we mentioned earlier, Glock utilizes an almost identical design with their handguns, but with different sizes and measurements. So when we look at these two guns in review, many of the features are the same.

They both have an internal safety, and both have the Glock split triggers. Additionally, both feature the same Glock sights, which some people like and others do not.

One noticeable difference right on the nose of the two guns is that the Glock 19 has a squared-off edge. The Glock 26 has a more rounded-off the nose, which we assume is so that it can be fed into a holster more easily.

What Kind Of Gip Does Glock 19 And Glock 26 Have?

Starting off with the Glock 19, we have to say it has an almost perfect three-finger grip in our opinion. You will have your pinky finger with a very slight overhang, but nothing that would detriment your shooting abilities.

The Glock 26 has a two-finger grip, due to its shorter grip handle. Having a shorter grip could pose some issues in controlling your gun if you haven’t practiced enough with it.

Looking inside the guns…

If we open both guns up, you’re basically looking at almost an identical structure and build. In fact, a lot of the internal components within these guns are interchangeable!

glock 19 vs glock 26
Photo by Blake

One of the main differences is that the Glock 26 has a shorter barrel on it, due again to its concealed design. The shorter barrel essentially means that this gun is more suited to shooting at close range targets because it will be less effective at longer ranges.

A longer barrel, such as on the Glock 19, will effectively produce a higher velocity through the muzzle. The bullet in a longer barrel will have more time to accelerate. And, therefore, will be more effective at taking out longer-range targets.

The frame of each gun and rail slots…

So the Glock 19 does have one rail slot, which is convenient for lights, lasers, and other external hardware that you may want to add. A huge number of aftermarket devices will have been made to slide into a Glock rail slot. So if you want a very flexible use handgun, this rail slot gives you some room to add anything you like.

The Glock 26, on the other hand, does not feature a rail slot. Glock probably did not include a slot on the 26. This is because its prime functionality doesn’t really require added lights and lasers. Though if you really wanted some extra hardware to add to your 26. There are companies out there that have designed some clever add-ons.

glock19 review
Photo by Eliot

Extra thoughts and ways to carry…

So now we’ve run through a number of comparisons between the Glock 19 and Glock 26. One final big consideration that may sway you towards one gun rather than the other, is the way you want to carry.

There is absolutely no real way you could conceal well, or comfortably carry a Glock 19 in your pocket in our opinion. We think one of the best-concealed ways you could carry a 19 is an inside the waistband style carry. This should conceal your weapon well enough, with little or no printing. Of course, printing will very much depend on your choice of holster, and your chosen clothing while carrying your weapon.

The Glock 26, alternatively, is an ideal weapon to carry in multiple areas on the body. If you want to carry in your pocket, the 26 should conceal well. Providing all other factors are reasonable – clothing worn and choice of holster.

We could discuss an incredible amount of holstering options available for both Glock models. But that isn’t the focus of this particular article.

Ok, so let’s remind ourselves of all the pros and cons that these two guns have in relation to each other…

The Glock 19

The Glock 19 Pros

  • Three finger grip.
  • Larger round capacity in a standard magazine than the Glock 26.
  • One rail slot for easy attachment of additional hardware.
  • Longer muzzle better for long distant targets and aim accuracy.
  • Less recoil with the longer muzzle.
  • Many parts are interchangeable with other Glock models.

The Glock 19

  • Limited in concealment options.
  • Heavier and larger than the Glock 26.

The Glock 26

The Glock 26 Pros

  • A subcompact design makes for excellent concealment.
  • Lighter and smaller than the Glock 19.
  • Features a lot of the same quality and design as the Glock 19.
  • Most of the internal parts are interchangeable with other Glock pistols.
  • It can be easily carried in your pocket!
  • Has the ability to retain a 17 round Glock magazine.

The Glock 26 Cons

  • Two-finger grip.
  • More recoil than the Glock 19.
  • No rail slot.
  • Not ideal for longer range targets.
  • Less round capacity with the standard magazine than the Glock 19.

All In All, What Have We Learned From Reviewing The Glock 19 vs Glock 26?

Well, with them both being based on the Glock 17 design, we know they have a lot in common! It’s worth mentioning that Glock handguns have been a solid and reliable choice for many gun owners around the world.

Instead of completely redesigning new models that they introduce into their series, they tend to keep what works! It’s like the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So with that being said, we admire the tried and tested engineering that they’ve incorporated into the Glock 26 to make a more compact model.

glock19 vs glock26
Photo by Geoffrey Fairchild

Ultimately, you have two very similar guns that are meant for different things. And so you should really choose one depending on the purpose you need it for.

The all-rounder…

If you want a good all-rounder, that you can adequately conceal with a decent set-up if you wanted too. The Glock 19 should be the one for you.

The ideal conceal…

If however, you really want a comfortable concealed carry and home defense option, that can be carried well out of sight; a Glock 26 would be a very good choice.

One final thought…

One of the major plus sides to the Glock 26 is that it doesn’t just have to be a concealed carry or home defense weapon choice. Because the Glock 26 has the ability to fit a 17 round 9mm Glock standard magazine inside it, you can pretty much use it like a Glock 19!

Yes, the grip won’t be fully the same, and yes you don’t have all the easy mounting options that the Glock 19 has. However, if you wanted to go down the range with your Glock 26 and let off a few rounds, it still looks and acts the business!

Thanks very much for checking out our opinion on these two guns. If you are looking to buy, we hope we have helped you decide on which gun you’ll choose, for your specific needs. Good luck, and stay safe!

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