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Glock 43X Review

The G43X is Glock’s new conceal carry weapon (CCW) with additional capacity. They released this model as part of their “slim-line” series, to try and compete with other brands in the CCW market.

The X stands for the cross between the Glock 48 and their CCW 9mm G43. So you’ll get the benefit of a small and compact pistol but the added magazine capacity of the G48. In short, the Glock 43x gives you the benefits of both the G43 and the G48 in one. The G43x gets the shorter barrel of the G43 and the slightly larger but longer magazine of the G48.

However, the G43x only comes with a silver finish and is yet to be manufactured in black.

glock 43x

Brief History Of The Glock 43x

Conceal Carry Weapons are getting more and more popular as more state legislations are allowing law-abiding citizens to bear arms. But even with this demand, Glock isn’t the first choice of many CCW holders. When people think of conceal carry, they go to other manufacturers such as Walther, Sig, or H&K, to name a few. Even those loyal to Glock tend to choose other models over the Glock’s pistols.

Why is that?

You might think that it’s because other pistols are better, but that’s not the case. Glock is one of the most reliable and accurate pistols on the market. The problem is because Glock pistols are fat. They don’t conceal themselves very well when it comes to carrying them under a shirt or jacket.

If you’re looking for a full-size pistol to shoot at the range, then one of your first picks might have been the Glock 19 because it is the most popular model. However, it leaves quite a print when concealed.

So wouldn’t a smaller pistol do the job better then?

That’s exactly what happened. Glock lost customers to Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, Ruger because their pistols fulfilled a need people were looking for. To respond to this, Glock started releasing much smaller models like the Glock 42, which shot 380 ACP, which is a light bullet. And then the Glock 43, which fired the 9mm and made a lot of people more than happy to buy from Glock.

Glock 43X review

Earlier in 2023, the Sig P365 was announced, and people loved it. The P356 was preferred over Glock because it was the same size, and could shoot just as reliably and accurately. It also had double the capacity of the Glock 43, which was only six rounds plus one in the chamber.

So how did Glock respond to that?

Well, they provided what was missing from their product range and came out with the G43X, which had an even larger capacity (10 rounds plus 1 in the chamber), which was more than the Sig P356.

Now You May Be Wondering. What Is The G43x?

To answer that, the following sections will break up all the information, detailing all there is to know about the G43x. From the good to the bad, we’ll be covering it, so you can have enough knowledge to make the best decision if you are looking to buy the Glock 43x.

The Glock 43X Review

To make it simple, the G43x is just a wider and taller version of the G43. The wider and taller grip was solely designed to meet the need of a higher capacity of 10 rounds from the previous six rounds that Glock conceal carry weapons used to pack.

First Impressions

The Grip

The grip on the G43x is exactly the same as the one on the G48. It is made from a durable polymer with a black finish and has the class square grip surface. When you hold it, it feels like it was well thought out like all Glock pistols. The grip measures at 1.10 inches and a side width of 0.87 inches.

However, the magazines are not interchangeable with the Glock 43. Due to the extended 10-round magazine, the G43x is no longer a pocket pistol. It can still be a CCW, but it is not a pocket pistol anymore and will have to be compared to other waist-carried pistols.

Glock 43X Review

The Slide

Measuring at 6.5 inches, the slide on the G43x is interchangeable with the G43. So if you like the serrations on the G43x, you can swap it out onto your Glock 43 and vice-versa. Its silver-finished slide is stainless steel with an nPVD finish and meets Glock standards and is machined without flaw. Glock is a reliable brand, making a purchase very simple.

The Barrel

The barrel is 3.39 inches and is also made from stainless steel but with a black finish. Very well machined for perfection. It chambered for the 9mm caliber giving the small shooter a sizeable punch.

The Trigger

The trigger is 1/3rd-inch travel distance, and the pull isn’t too heavy and measures around 6.5 pounds. It comes with a safety and has the smooth pull Glock is known for and is easy to hear and feel when the trigger resets. For larger hands, you may have to alternate your grip to the first crease of your shooting finger to maintain a good grip while pulling the trigger.

The Sights

The G43x comes with three different types of sights you can choose from (not all three are in the box). The first is the factory standard polymer sights that are decent, but most end shooters will replace anyway. The second type is the G43x with night sights. These will glow in the dark and are easily visible during the day.

Lastly, is the Amerigo Bold sights. This is already an upgrade from the factory sights. They are bold and will easily draw your eye to the front sight when shooting.



The Glock 43x is a product of innovation…

It may not be much, but it shows how much they care about customer satisfaction. It does seem like a waste to have a Glock 43 with only has six shots and then release a Glock 48, but then it is too big for conceal carry.

So having to find middle ground with the Glock 43x just for the Glock users to be happy with an option with the best of both models became the inspiration to create the G43x. It may seem like a hassle for Glock, but it shows that they are listening to their customers and making sure they are happy.

The next section will breakdown the features of the Glock 43x to find out what key features are good. And possibly even more importantly, which may leave a negative feeling to the shooter.

Glock 43X Review Pros

The Grip

One of the biggest advantages of the G43x is the grip. It fits the needs of all the shooters who want something in between the Glock 43 and the Glock 48. The grip of the G43x takes advantage of both models and gets the length of the G48, which means it can fit more bullets, and the shorter barrel of the G43.

This not only makes it preferable for Glock users, but it will answer the demands of shooters who use other pistols and will migrate to Glock. The slim and extended grip is a perfect combination for any conceal carrier.

The Serrations

The change is small, but they have a big effect. On other Glock models, you will only have the back serrations. This is ok because the pistol is relatively larger. However, with the G43x, it is much smaller, so the added serrations at the front give the shooter a better grip on the small slide, making it easier to rack.


It is hard to ignore the fact that it is a Glock. This gives the G43x a big advantage because they already have so many users. This familiarity makes it easy for anyone to change over to the G43x because there is practically no learning curve.

Not only is the familiarity a bonus, but the Glock lives up to its slogan “Perfection.” The G43x is as reliable as any other pistol Glock has to offer and will shoot every time you pull the trigger.


The G43x is small, but don’t underestimate the accuracy. This little shooter will land bullets where you want them to go. It might not be competitive material, but that was never the intent during the designing process. For a conceal carry weapon, the G43x will stop any treat with a few well-placed rounds.

Glock 43X Review Cons

For a subjective viewpoint on this pistol, here is a list of the negatives of the Glock 43x.

The Grip

Yes, the grip is one of the main key features of the G43x. However, there are other pistols out there that have a better and more ergonomic feel.

As has been already mentioned, the slim grip is not suitable for larger hands as it will greatly affect the grip you have on the pistol. Even though it is a small gun, the 9mm round will still want to move around in your hand. So if you have big hands, there is more space for the pistol to move when firing.

The Slide

Not everyone will be happy with the choice of color on the slide. The silver finish may turn some people off. So unless you change the color yourself, the fact that the slide doesn’t come in black may make you want to buy another pistol. Maybe in the future, Glock will release a model with a black slide or just have the option to pick a black slide instead of a silver one.

glock 43x guide


One of the gun owner’s favorite things to do once they get a new pistol is to put accessories on it or modify it. In this section, you will find some great ideas to modify the Glock 43x.


Even though Glock has three different sights to offer, there are many sights out there for you to try and find out which you prefer.

One of the sights that you might want to check out is the Trijicon HD Tritium sights. They are big, bright, and colorful. Your eye will instantly find the sight and line it with your target. This is from experience, and it could be subjective as the Ameriglo Agent sights are also similar.


If you already own a Glock 43 holster, then the G43x will fit it well. This only goes for cloth or open-top holsters. However, if you are using Kydex, then you’ll have to get one specifically for the G43x as the grip is wider than the G43.


The bottom line is for you to decide if you like the sound of what you have read? Do you like Glocks? Does the brick-like grip bother you? How many bullets do you need in a conceal carry weapon? Do you have large or small hands?

First, answer these questions before making a purchase. But if you already have a positive opinion about the G43x, then it is what you’re looking for. It is paramount that you understand the cutting edge technology you will be purchasing along with this pistol.

If the downsides like the slide color and the thin grip aren’t to your liking, then the G43x is not for you, unless you want to replace them with aftermarket ones. However, if you love the Glock feel and the precision it offers, then the G43x is a great choice for your next conceal carry weapon.

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  1. Good write up. My wife took my 43x with gns. I think now that they offer the all black I will buy one for myself. I am carrying a cz75 bd and it’s just pulling all my pants down!!! I will have to make a decision soon. She is carrying so I need to stop complaining.

  2. Very Informative article. good job. I also picked up one just the other day (black). its indeed a good CCW. keep it up Glock!

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