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Ruger Security-9 Review

Are you in search of a dependable, well built and accurate shooting 9mm pistol that you can get on a budget?

If so? You’re in luck…

In this Ruger Security-9 review, we’ll give you the full rundown on this great functioning and affordable pistol. On first impressions, we think you’ll get a great value firearm, that should have enough power to serve you well in any self-defense scenario.

Yes, there are many 9mm options currently available in the same price bracket. So what makes the Ruger Security-9 so special?

Well, we’ll look at the construction, performance and all the key features so you can decide whether it really is worth your time and hard-earned cash. But first, let’s look at when and how it was developed…


This is a relatively new design from Sturm, Ruger & Co with the pistol being released in late 2017. Though it’s based on the ever so slightly older 2016 released Ruger LCP II. Which, in turn, was based on the 2008 LCP. Therefore you can trace back the lineage of the Ruger Security-9 to the LCP range, and it’s an improved and larger version of the LCP II.

Alongside the standard model, there is a restricted ten-round capacity version and a few others, some being developed later on in 2018 and 2019. Other models include a Hogue grip version, one with a Viridian E-Series Laser and there are compact models on offer among other specialist versions.

ruger security 9 review

Additionally, there are a couple of worthwhile official accessories that you can purchase with the Ruger Security-9. For a very reasonable price, you can buy a replacement 15-round magazine. There is also a ten-round magazine available for the compact models.

So now we know a little more about where this gun spawned from, let’s take a look at the way it’s built and how it works…

Ruger Security-9 Construction

This Ruger is a single action only semi-auto pistol, and as you know it chambers the 9mm caliber. The standard model comes with two 15-round magazines. Plus you can have one extra round in the chamber when the mag is fully loaded.

The main chassis is extremely strong, durable and rugged. And will easily deal with the demands of a security professional, law enforcement officer or you’re an everyday gun owner.

ruger security 9

It’s made from a hard coat anodized and precision-machined aluminum. The choice of aluminum makes this Ruger lighter than other steel bodied pistol options on the market. Plus you get full-length guide rails right along the main body too.

The barrel on the Security-9 is made from strong and durable alloy steel and it comes with a slick-looking blued finish. Similarly, the slide is made from hardened alloy steel and also has the blued finish.

Size Matters…

The full length of the gun is a well-balanced 7.24 inches and its height is five inches, which means that you will be able to conceal it. There are, as mentioned, compact models that are smaller and almost identical in functionality. You’ll just be foregoing grip size for an easier to conceal pistol.

The grip frame is where it shaves some more weight because it’s made from high-performance glass-filled nylon. The whole pistol only weighs in at 23.8 ounces, which is pretty good for a pistol of this size.

Ruger has also put drift adjustable rear white sights on this setup, which is a nice addition. The front sights are fixed.

What About The All-important Functionality?

There are several features that have been taken from the LCP II model that gives the Security-9 some great functionality.

First off, the trigger is very similar to the LCP II with its very smooth, lightweight and crisp pulling action. This is superb if you are shooting regularly and don’t want your trigger finger and hand to become fatigued quickly. It’s also a good feature for handling recoil.

best ruger security 9

Hammer it home…

Ruger has opted for an internal hammer design rather than the shrouded type with this pistol. They have used the very same system as the LCP II design which is called the Secure Action fire control system. As any owner of an LCP II will tell you, this hammer system is extremely reliable.

The internal Secure Action hammer system still packs a heavy enough punch in terms of firepower for your self-defense needs. Yet, it also allows for much easier slide racking, especially when you compare it to a striker-fired pistol. With this gun having an easier slide racking system, we think it will be suitable for gun owners that don’t have a massive amount of hand strength, yet want this form of personal security.

Plus we are pleased that Ruger has included a positive reset for the single action on the Security-9.

Does It Hold Well?

You can grasp the grip very firmly and comfortably due to the gun’s textured grip design. We also like the Ruger name and logo embellished on each side of the grip, which gives us that reassurance of Ruger’s quality.

So with the combination of a good grip and a light crisp trigger. This gun has a very smooth shooting action. With just a little practice we’re sure you’ll be confident to use this pistol rapidly and easily in any emergency situation.

On Target…

The sights are a dovetailed high visibility system with the rear sight being drift adjustable. In combination with the fixed front sight, you have a highly accurate targeting set-up for close quarter shooting. We think these sights are very similar to the Glock style sights. So if you have owned a Glock, you will feel pretty comfortable targeting with this Ruger pistol.

You may also be interested to know that you can switch out the sights for different color versions, which are sold separately.

ruger security 9 guide

Additional Features…

Another great part of the Security-9 design is that you have the ability to mount accessories on the underside of the main body below the barrel. This allows you to add lights or lasers to this pistol, which in turn, help with your targeting capabilities.

And with the two magazines that you get with this set-up, you’re going to have plenty of ammo available if you ever need to defend yourself. Plus, even if you don’t have a magazine in your gun, it will still fire one round in the chamber in an emergency scenario.

Let’s Talk About Safety…

It’s always important to know the ins and outs of how your gun functions so that the likeliness of unfortunate accidents are minimized. This advice obviously goes with any safety aspects that your firearm may have as well. And the Ruger Security-9 comes with numerous safety features that should impressive any gun-owning professional.

First off, you have a standard external manual thumb safety that functions fluidly. However, for some people, it could be a little small and therefore finicky, so it might take a little bit of practice to feel comfortable with it. Although, let’s remember that it is there for a purpose.


There is an integrated trigger safety, which works in a similar way as on most pistols. Whereby both the safety and trigger need to be fired simultaneously to let off a round.

Lastly, there is a hammer catch built-in to add a final element of safety to the Ruger Security-9. This prevents the hammer from contacting the firing pin of its own accord. Instead, the only way to release it is when you actually pull the trigger.

Ruger Security-9 Reviews

Disassembling & Cleaning…

We’re pleased to say that the takedown with the Security-9 is super easy and safe. You don’t need to pull the trigger to take it apart and no specialist tools are needed.

You simply just take out the takedown lever and push the slide forward to open up the pistol. With such a simple process, it’s very easy to keep your gun clean and regularly maintained without masses of effort involved in the process.

Are There Any Cons?

One minor issue that we think could have been improved on is the slide release button. For some shooters, it may be too small to press down without it slightly irritating your thumb. This is because of some sharpish edges that surround the switch.

If however, you have smaller hands this might not be an issue. And ultimately, this is most likely something that you won’t really care much about – especially when you’re getting a US-made Ruger pistol at a very agreeable price.

Another con could be the small safety that we’ve already mentioned. We think this is also another minor issue in the grand scheme of things, and it might just take a little bit of effort to feel comfortable with it.

Prone to scratches…

Also, the slide’s finish can become a little scratched over extended use. We don’t think this lays testament to the durability and strength of the slide, however. It’s more a cosmetic issue. And most people are probably not buying this gun to show off, but more as a functioning tool.

Finally, the trigger release could be a little too long for some shooter’s preferences. But we think this potential con is balanced out by the amazingly light, crisp and predictable trigger pull that the Security-9 possesses.

So we’ve run through pretty much all we could think of in terms of features, functionality and performance aspects of this very affordable Ruger pistol. Now we’d like to summarize the pros and cons to refresh your mind on what’s great about this gun, and what’s not so great…

Ruger Security-9 Pros & Cons


  • USA made Ruger pistol.
  • Incredibly affordable.
  • Predictable and light trigger pull.
  • Excellent sights and accurate.
  • Mounting rails.
  • Powerful internal hammer system.
  • Good safety aspects.


  • Slide release is not the best.
  • Manual safety is a bit small.
  • Trigger release is a little long.
  • Slide finish can show scratches.

Just before we get to the conclusion, we’d just like to mention…

Who Is This Gun Be Best Suited For?

We think most gun owners would enjoy a lot of features and aspects of this pistol. It does function very well when considering the low price. And it is after all made by Ruger – a very reputable gun manufacturer. However, some people could really benefit from purchasing this firearm more than others.

Due to the light trigger pull and the ease of racking the slide, anyone with limited hand strength might find this Ruger appealing. It could especially suit women or elderly people that don’t have the power to contend with a heavy-handling pistol design.

Ideal for a beginner…

Arguably, if you are new to guns but want a decent form of self-defense – this Ruger could be a great option. Not only is it soft on the handling but it’s easy to take apart, meaning you can keep it clean and maintained easily.

Plus, several safety aspects make this gun potentially much safer than others. Which is important if for example, you are keeping it in the home with children around.

Versatile, practical and affordable…

In general, we believe it would suit anyone interested in having a reliable self-defense pistol at their disposal. Whether they are a security professional right through to just a homeowner protecting their home. And quite simply, anyone who wants a US-made pistol for home defense or concealed carry, won’t have to spend a small fortune if they choose the Security-9.


All-in-all, we congratulate Ruger for producing such an affordable quality pistol. There aren’t many other options in this price range that can wholeheartedly contend with a name like Ruger. And with a pistol like the Ruger Security-9. It ticks all of the main boxes for what you would want in a budget pistol such as excellent accuracy, weight, size, trigger pull and ease of use.

As you’ve seen some minor issues could be improved on, but we think the Pros far outway any of the Cons. Especially when you consider the price.

Ultimately, for a fraction of the price of, for example, a Glock, or other popular self-defense pistols out there. The Security-9 really does shine through as an excellent budget pistol choice.

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