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SCCY CPX-2. 9mm Review

There is a high chance that you are looking into the SCCY CPX-2 because you heard about its affordability.

And you are right! It is very affordable, and compared to other pistols, the SCCY CPX-2 is a contender for personal home defense or as a concealed carry weapon (CCW).

But, before moving on, you need to understand a few things…

The first is that this is a budget gun. So there will be drawbacks when compared to a Glock, HK, or SIG. Secondly, as a home defense weapon or CCW, you need reliability. This means you pull the trigger and bullet comes out regardless of the situation and condition. And finally, accuracy is a skill to be learned. So if you miss a target, don’t blame the gun. You just need to spend more time training with your weapon to get accustomed to it.

So it is by these criteria, that the SCCY CPX-2 will be judged. It will be a battle between budget and reliability, and after this review, you will know whether you can trust your life into this budget 9mm pistol or not.

Brief History

The company is owned by Joe Roebuck, who founded it in 1998. Its aim was to meet the demand for citizens who wished to own concealed-carry weapons, and Joe utilized his skills as an engineer to create the CPX series. Through trial and error, SCCY introduced the CPX-1, which had a slide-lock lever and ambidextrous safety.

This was later removed for the CPX-2, which is the model being discussed in this article.

First Impressions

When you purchase the CPX-2, you will get the pistol, two 10-round magazines, two finger extension bases, two flat magazine bases, and a child-lock.

But, before moving on, you need to understand a few things…

The Grip

The CPX-2 is not a heavy pistol and is considerably lighter than others of the same size. It weighs around 15 ounces and is made from Zytel polymer. On the back of the grip, there is this “cushion,” which is believed to aid in recoil. There are many accounts of shooters saying that it does, while others seem to notice no difference.

But, before moving on, you need to understand a few things…

sccy 2 9mm

The Slide & Barrel

The slide is made from a 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and is machined from a solid block then finished with a black nitride coating. The barrel is made from the same T6 material and is also machined from bar stock. The barrel measures 3.1 inches and has seven grooves on the outside and a 16-1 right-hand twist.

The Trigger

The biggest contributor to the positive or negative debate about this pistol is the trigger. The trigger is a double-action trigger with a semi-internal hammer. But the problem isn’t the fact that it is a double trigger, it’s the long reset that many people complain about. The reset is quite far, so when you shoot rapid-fire, there is a chance that you will miss the reset and short-stroke the trigger.

Hammer Spring

Whether it is the hammer spring or the hardness of the primer, you’ll need to be picky with the ammo you use. An example was made with the Arms Corps. The bullets and the pistol had a problem hitting the primer, causing it to not fire.

However, you could change the hammer spring to a tougher one if you really want to use bullets with harder primers. Or, alternatively, just find another brand that works with the hammer spring already in the pistol.


The CPX-2 and all of the parts are manufactured in the US, and SCCY claims it is a reliable and affordable pistol. They are so confident that they offer a lifetime warranty for the pistol. That’s right! Not warrantied to the owner, but the pistol. This means they will repair, change, or even replace the pistol if necessary for as long as you send the pistol to them.

Up next is the complete break-down of every reason to purchase this pistol and every reason not to. The final decision is yours, and the facts presented are to make you feel confident in your decision.

SCCY CPX-2. 9mm Review Pros

The CPX-2 fulfills many of the requirements that a CCW or home defense owner is looking for. Due to the legislation allowing more CCW permits to citizens, the demand has increased, making the CPX-2 more and more attractive to customers. We will now list all the Pros and Cons that come with SCCY CPX-2 and what to expect once you purchase the pistol.

Firstly, the price point…

As mentioned, the SCCY SPX-2 is one of the most affordable pistols on the market. And for such a cheap pistol, it is a great first-gun for any citizen getting into the conceal-carry lifestyle without making too much of an investment.

Secondly,the reliability of the pistol makes the  price worth it…

There have been some complaints, but for the most part, the pistol fired without any malfunctions. Through stress testing, the SCCY CPX-2 can easily fire 200 rounds before getting too hot to touch or starting to malfunction. Even without cleaning the internals after being buried in sand and mud, the pistol still fired. It may not have been as smooth, but it would still fire when the trigger was pulled.

sccy cpx 2 mm

And finally, it’s very compact…

Compared to the G27, aka the baby Glock, it is still smaller and lighter. This means it won’t leave an obvious print when concealed.

The safety has also been removed too for faster firing. Now you may wonder, “Why is it good to have no safety?”. In all sense, safety is very important when firing and weapon. But if you aren’t an experienced shooter where its second-nature to flip the safety, you may try to protect yourself and forget the safety and pull the trigger.

Remember reliability? You need it to go fire when the trigger is pulled. Even a fraction of a second could be life or death for you or a loved one. So by removing the safety, the control is in the hands of the shooter and will fire a round as soon as the trigger is pulled. Accuracy can be trained, but reliability can’t.

SCCY CPX-2. 9mm Review Cons

This isn’t about brand bashing or making a product, not what it really is. Here, it’s just bare facts and the results of research.

The main issue about the SCCY SPX-2 is the trigger. As mentioned before, the reset is very long, and the chances of short-stroking the trigger is easy. However, all this can be fixed by training with the pistol until you are accustomed to the long trigger-pull.

To some, the sound of the reset isn’t clear or loud enough to be heard. So they don’t know when the trigger has reset. In these cases, they recommend to just take your finger off the trigger to make sure it resets. However, it is against your instinct to take your finger off the trigger when firing. Therefore, this will take some getting used to if you are unsure if the trigger has reset or not.

Again, these Cons are subjective because someone will say something, and another person will disagree.

Get a grip…

Next up, is the grip. Some say that it isn’t ergonomic and doesn’t sit well in your hand. This may be true, and the fact that the pistol is light-weight also adds to the effect of recoil and also causes the pistol to move around in your hand.

sccy cpx 2-9mm

So Is There Are A Way Around These Cons?

The reason for purchasing this pistol is because of its cheap cost. However, if you are still interested in buying this pistol and want to improve it, then there are a few aftermarket upgrades you can make.

The grip

The grip that comes with the CPX-2 may not appeal. However, if you prefer SCCY’s alternative grip with rubber pads, then it’s a good way to help improve on your accuracy.

Trigger springs

The best choice available is the Galloway Precision spring. It will shorten your trigger pull by 25%, which will help you shoot faster, stay on target when resetting, and prevent short stroking.

If you made it this far and you feel like the SCCY CPX-2 isn’t what you are looking for, then there are a few alternatives in a similar price range that will give you what you are looking for. So let’s take a look at one…

Century Arms ONE Series TP9SF

The Canik 9mm line of full-size handguns are a reliable and affordable choice for CCW and home defense users. They keep the cost down by simplifying anything that doesn’t matter, such as the packaging, to achieve competitive prices.

Product Description

When you purchase the pistol, you will get a simple hard plastic case, an 18-round magazine, an additional back strap, and Warren Tactical sights. The TP9SF polymer grip is based on the Walter P99 models, so it’s a reliable build and comfortable to hold.

The barrel and slide are made of high-quality materials and have an ultra-durable Nitride finish for the black models. While the other models have a Cerakote-over-nitride finish, this gives it a very nice feel when you rack the slide.

SCCY CPX-2. 9mm

Safety First…

This model comes with a single-action trigger with a very short reset. There is also a safety built into the trigger, so it won’t go off if it gets snagged by anything. It is made from nickel-coated action components and has a smooth pull.

Other key features are the Warren tactical sights that are made of steel and easy to see when acquiring targets. For tactical accessories, there are military standard rails under the barrel for tactical lights and lasers.

Other minor features include an indicator for the loading chamber, side reversible magazine catch, and a few back straps to match your palm.


As it’s a full-size pistol, and measures 7.55 inches with a barrel length of 4.46 inches. This is about the same size as a Glock 19 if you are more familiar with the Glock models. The TP9SF fits palm perfectly with a height of 5.70 inches and a width of 1.30 inches.

The total weight without the magazine is about 25.8 ounces but will be much heavier once you fully load the 18 round magazine. For a concealed weapon, it may leave a bit of a print under your shirt.


  • Warren Tactical sights.
  • Mil-spec under-barrel rails.
  • Nitride finish/ Cerakote finish.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • 18-round magazine.
  • Short-trigger pull.
  • Trigger safety.

ONE Series TP9SF


  • Not that suitable for concealed carry.
  • Imported from Turkey


When it comes down to it, you need to know what you are looking for. And if you are new to firearms, then the SCCY CPX-2 is a great deal. You won’t have to pay much, and you’ll get to experience the shooting world without having to fully commit to a more expensive weapon.

To be honest, the CPX-2 is not a bad pistol. Some people have bad experiences; however, what it boils down to is really just a matter of trigger preference. If you can’t deal with a longer pull with a further reset-point, then the CPX-2 isn’t for you.

If you are more into the full-size pistols, then the TP9SF is better for you. It’s OK for conceal carry though it might leave a bigger print. But you will definitely feel better while shooting because Century Arms put a lot of attention into the details. It may cost more, but you are also getting more.

In the end, it depends on what you are looking for and how dedicated you are in making this purchase.

Happy shooting!

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