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SIG P250 Review

In a world where striker pistols are becoming ever more popular, we take a look at the SIG P250, which is a double-action pistol. It also seems from its size that this is meant to be a concealed carry weapon.

There have been a number of reviews which don’t take too kindly to this firearm. However, we’d like to delve deeper and really find out if this gun is worth buying or not! Plus it’s worth mentioning that you’ll be paying a lot less for this firearm than some of the striker pistols out there.

Apart from the double-action aspect to this gun, you do get a very reputable SIG Sauer modular design here. And it has an incredible frame and chassis adaptability to it! Few people know that this was SIG Sauer’s first unique modular design, not the P320. Also, the P320 was actually modeled after the P250, which makes for easily interchanged parts.

As well, we do think it looks the part with a classic SIG Sauer look about it, and it’s incredibly accurate.

So, let’s hammer through some of the features and see what all the fuss is about…

It’s All About The Trigger…

So before we go into all the features that this pistol has, we’d like to highlight a strong point. Like we said earlier, many people now are getting used to the striker-fired pistols. Which are admittedly becoming more prevalent in today’s market. Yet many people forget about one important aspect of true marksmanship…

…Trigger control

This is often overlooked when new gun owners begin to learn shooting. This is mostly because gun trainers prefer to train people with the striker style pistols, which are very light on the trigger pull. In fact, when most people shoot a striker pistol, they barely think about the trigger pressure, and it becomes unnoticeable.

sigp250 review
Photo by Mike Dargy

Imagine though, if you put a double or single action pistol into the hands of a striker trained only gun owner – things would probably get a little tricky.

With the P250, you’ll inevitably learn how to shoot with good solid trigger control. Once you’ve mastered your trigger control with the P250, we think you’ll be a very satisfied gun owner!

The trigger on the 250 is very light but has quite a travel to it as well. You could say that the 250 has one of the lightest triggers that can be found on a double-action pistol. This is what most striker pistol owners would be used to. However, we think the main issue is when people move from a striker to this double action. The longer travel on the trigger needs getting used to a bit. Though we must say, it is a very crisp trigger at that!

From what we’ve learned, in order to get a steady and accurate shot, there’s a good technique to learn. But what is it?

The Technique

We’ve found out that all it takes is a bit of practice, and then you’ll have a very powerful and useful weapon choice on your hands.

A good technique is to pull the trigger back right to the point where the hammer is fully extended from the barrel. At the point of full extension, you should take a moment for aim, maybe breath out and then follow through with the shot. By using a technique as we’ve just explained, you’ll be developing very good trigger control.

The First Unique Modular System Pistol From SIG Sauer…

Most people if questioned, would think the P320 was SIG Sauer’s first unique modular system pistol, but this isn’t the case. The P250 forged the way into SIG Sauer, making their pistols adaptable into multiple set-ups.

With the P250 you can take out the chassis and place it into different sized frames with ease. And that can also be used in different calibers!

sig p250 review
Photo by RattleHeadd

Two of A Kind…

So actually, when you really look closely at both the P320 and the P250, they’re almost identical! There are only two real differences between these guns. The first is that the front of the slide on the P250 doesn’t have the lacerations like on the 320. The other and obvious main difference is that the 250 is a double-action pistol, not a striker.

Apart from the differences explained, you pretty much have P320 with all its features, at a much more affordable price. And the frames can actually be completely interchanged between the 250 and the 320 if you wanted to do so!

Here’s a Rundown Now of The SIG Sauer 250’s Top Features!

To begin with, we love that the signature SIG Sauer high contrast sights are incorporated into this firearm. For those who don’t know, the high contrast sights are three-dot tritium sights. And these can work just as well in the day as in the night. Many gun users do love these sights, especially when compared to a gun such as the Glock 19, which has sights that don’t work so well in the day time.

A southpaw friendly pistol…

Another good feature with the 250 is that it includes ambidextrous slide releases. With two slide releases, it can be good for particular combat or quick defense situations where you might not be in your ideal shooting position. And of course, if you are a southpaw, SIG has obviously taken care of your needs with this particular firearm!

The SIG P250’s modular design…

Let’s get back to the modular design aspect of this gun, and this is a strong selling point we think. You’ll be able to customize so many parts on this gun to suit your particular needs. Say if you wanted to change the slide size, add new grips, or even change up the chamber – you’ll be able to do it with the 250!

Photo by Anthony Martinez

Plus a very strong point is that although this gun will appeal to conceal and carry gun owners, it shouldn’t be taken likely. The 250 is really a combat-ready pistol, and could easily be used in the field. And the fact that you can completely disassemble this firearm without any tools means that you can change your set-up in action with little or no fuss!

And because it’s a SIG, you can throw in multiple magazine sizes for your needs. If you want to carry the standard compact magazine that comes with it you can, but then you could have a larger magazine as a back-up.

Ergonomically speaking…

In terms of grip and the overall feel of the gun, it’s pretty solid given its size. Most people will only manage a two-fingered grip with this gun. But that’s obviously because it is meant to be a compact. The trademark lip that Sig Sauer has on their guns, prevents any slide-bite, which is a nice feature. Although this can take up some extra room with concealment.

So What About Concealment?

Well, this is a compact SIG Sauer design, and it is made for a decent level of concealment. The two-fingered grip, although isn’t ideal for full combat shooting, is good if you want to carry this gun in a waistband for example.

Finally, we’d like to look at how accurate this gun can be, and whether this gun has some real firepower or not. In terms of accuracy, if you learn a good trigger method, such as the one we mentioned earlier, the accuracy of this thing is incredible. The firepower on this gun is basically up to you! With the 250 being a modular gun that can take on different calibers, you can really customize the potential firepower capabilities.

If you are looking for a reliable firearm that won’t set you back over the 500 dollar mark, this has to be a very effective choice! You get all the standard SIG build-quality which runs throughout their pistol series, but for a lot less. Because not everyone wants to learn about using a double-action pistol. Plus, contrary to what some people say, we think this pistol looks pretty cool!

We’ve looked at some of the main features and selling points of the SIG Sauer 250 now, so let’s summarize with the…

SIG P250 Review Pros and Cons


  • SIG Sauer high-quality design.
  • It’s a fully modular and interchangeable gun.
  • Ideal for conceal and carry.
  • Has combat worthy traits.
  • Suits anyone who likes a double-action style gun.
  • It’s a lot cheaper than almost identical striker pistols.
  • It has a good feel for a compact.
  • No risk of slide-bite.
  • You essentially get a P320, which is double action instead of a striker.
sigp250 reviews
Photo by Rezz Guns (AZ GUNS-R-US)


  • Some people will not be comfortable with a double-action pistol.
  • A 2-fingered grip might not suit all.

SIG P250 Review Conclusion

To conclude, we really think this is such a hidden gem in the SIG range of pistols. You get all the signature traits of a P320 striker pistol; it’s just this gun is double-action instead. With a little bit of practice and good technique, you’ll have a highly effective weapon, whether you want to conceal it or not! We hope this article has shed some light into the P250, and that ultimately, it’s not a bad deal at all considering what you get.

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