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Sig Sauer P938 vs Kimber Micro 9

In today’s review, we’ll be looking at two guns of a similar style, both of which are reminiscent of the traditional Colt 1911 pistol. If you’re looking for that classic style in a handgun, but a more modern updated version, these two guns are a safe bet.

Both guns are aimed at the concealed carry market, and they have a lot of similar traits. On the offset, it should be noticed that the Kimber comes in as a cheaper option to the Sig Sauer. So the big question is, is the Sig Sauer P938 worth the extra cost?

Let’s take a little look at both these weapons individually. And then we’ll run through some feature comparisons in order to see if the Sig P938 is worth that much more?

The Sig Sauer P938

The Sig Sauer P938 is a subcompact design, which is also a solidly built 9mm, weighing in at about 1 pound! This gun has been around for quite a few years now, and shouldn’t just be taken as just a concealed carry. Yes, it may be a small and lightweight pistol, but it certainly packs some punch!

SigSauer P938
Photo by Stickman

Another quality Sig design…

One thing any potential Sig owner ought to know is that they employ a tried and tested design with all their pistols. So when it comes to the P938, you’re getting a serious piece of kit! Many parts are interchangeable and the gun can be adapted easily with other Sig hardware.

The design…

The Sig P938 is an all-metal design, with an anodized aluminum alloy type frame. The actual slide is usually either just stainless steel or stainless steel with an additional Nitron coating. Usually, there’s a G10 grip, but this can vary quite often with this model.

If it’s good enough for a 1911…

This is not a striker pistol but instead has an external hammer. So be sure to note that if you are used to striker-fired pistols, you’ll have to get accustomed to this single-action style of gun. Of course, if you are used to the 1911 style of gun, you’ll easily transition into using this Sig.

One great plus with the P938 is that you get the standard Sig Night Sights. These really have a great reputation amongst gun owners. Another thing to note is that this Sig has ambidextrous thumb safeties. So it’s quite nice for all you southpaws out there. Unfortunately, the magazine release is located only on the right side of the gun.

sig p938 reviews
Photo by Jed Henson

Additionally, the 938 carries a standard 6 round magazine, with allowance for a seventh-round in the chamber. The gun will, however, allow for larger magazines, but this obviously will hinder you in light of concealment purposes.

What’s the trigger like?

Well, this particular Sig does seem to have a very nice trigger pull. It is actually an SAO trigger, renowned for a very smooth and rapid shot. It has quite a short and soft pull, like you would normally expect from a striker type pistol.

There are numerous models to choose from…

Since this gun has been around for quite a while now, there are numerous P938 models available. All the 15 models are very similar but just have different aesthetics mainly. The grips can be different colors and textures, as can the slides. So ultimately, there are plenty of options to choose from, and we’re sure that you’d find one that fits your needs and liking.

The Kimber Micro 9

Again, with the Kimber Micro 9, you’re getting a weapon made with a concealed carry intention in mind. This gun is all metal in its making and shoots a 9mm caliber.

First impressions with this gun are that it looks really nice. We love the light metal chrome styled finish it has, plus the grip has a very 1911 look about it. In fact, all you 1911 fans out there should transition very nicely to this compact version of the classic.

kimber micro 9

A solid grip…

A really nice feature that we noticed with this Kimber is that you can actually get a decent full grip. Plus the beaver tail added to the design ensures you don’t get slide or hammer-bite from the firearm. Overall, your hand does fit surprisingly well for a compact 1911 style gun.

A female and elderly-friendly design…

A good aspect of the Kimber design is it has very nice slide serrations, and the slide itself is very easily pulled back. This is such a nice design feature for people who don’t have such a strong hand grip but want to use a gun like the Kimber Micro 9.

Something to note as we run along with the details of this gun is that it has just the one-sided safety. So please bear in mind, for any of you southpaws out there, this might not suit your requirements. Though of course, we do know some of you southpaws still don’t mind a right-sided safety.

Hammer it home…

Just like the P938, the Kimber is a single-action pistol with a hammer. It’s a nice touch that the hammer is spurred, giving you an easy thumb grip to pull it back. Like we’ve suggested already, it has a very 1911 feel it too it. The trigger on this is a very short pull. And the texture on the back of the grip adds for extra stability.

There is a bit of recoil with this gun, but we think the solid and comfortable grip on this makes up for it. The most recent Kimber model does also feature Tritium Night Sights, which really do a fantastic job.

All-round design…

Certain features do stand out well with the Kimber, such as the rounded muzzle edges, which make it that little bit easier for holstering, and they’re less likely to snag. This really is a good all-rounder, and it’s going to be tough to really compare both the Sig Sauer P938 and this Kimber Micro 9.

Numerous editions are available…

The Kimber comes in a very impressive 14 different editions, so there is plenty of choices to find the right look and style for your liking. There are two-toned metal types, and many versions with different colored and styled grips as well.

Let’s Compare The Two Guns Then…

So this really is quite a difficult comparison, and to be honest we couldn’t really say one is better than the other. With both guns having the classic 1911 as the basis for their design, they tend to have similar engineering and functionality about them.

We can only suggest some small differences between these two pistols, then you’ll probably have a better idea of which one will suit your needs.

Sig Sauer P938 vs kimber Micro 9

Stick With What You Know…

If you are familiar with and have already owned a Sig Sauer pistol, then it would be a more logical choice to go with the Sig, if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

We do think the Micro 9 embodies more of the 1911 spirit in its design. The Kimber has a very clean and classic look about it, plus there is one feature that makes it possibly better for concealed carry. Because the Kimber is a very slimline design, it should slot nicely into concealed carry positions.

The Best Deal…

A lot of you surely know how reputable in durability and firepower the Sig Sauers usually are. The Kimber at least lives up to one benefit that the Sig embodies, which is its firepower. The Kimber 9mm really packs a punch in terms of shooting power, but the best thing is, it is a fair bit cheaper on average!

The Sig P938 does, however, have a reputation for excellent durability, and we think overall, it wins on this side of things. There have been some complaints from gun owners with the durability of the Kimber, although we think the newer versions are, all in all, pretty reliable.

Choose Your Model…

It’s all well and good us comparing these two guns as single models, but they do have a vast series issued between them. We obviously aren’t going to run through all the different models with all their slightly alternate or extra features – we’ll leave that up to you! But the different models are something that should be taken into consideration.

Let’s Get Onto Size…

Once again, there’s not much to compare in size with these two different gun models. The Kimber is slimmer as we mentioned earlier, which can make it possibly more comfortable to carry in a concealed manner.

But then again, the muzzle length is a little bit longer on the Kimber than the P938. Overall there’s really not much in it with size, and we think this wouldn’t really be a deciding factor for purchasing one or the other.

A small difference that could sway a potential buyer is that the Kimber is available with a laser grip, but for many, this wouldn’t bother most buyers out there right?

The real deciding factor…

After looking at these two 1911 inspired compact firearms, in our opinion, it has to come down to the look! The Sig has a modern edge to it, and not too recently the US military took on the Sig P320 as their choice of modular handgun. So if the US military is backing the Sig brand, it can’t be a bad idea betting on a similar Sig brand firearm such as the P938.

The Kimber has a very simple, sleek and classic look about it. We love the light brushed metal look it has, and it truly does give us a little nostalgic reminder of the original 1911 GM classic. It shoots well, and the grip you can maintain really does make up for its fast recoil.

Before we conclude, let’s take a quick look at the Pros and Cons of each firearm…

Sig Sauer P938 vs Kimber Micro 9 Pros and Cons

Kimber Micro 9 Pros

  • Sleek looking brush metal design.
  • Includes Tritium Night Sights.
  • A slim design makes for easy concealed carry.
  • It allows for most to have a full hand grip.
  • An inexpensive option when compared with the P938.
  • Arguably embodies the spirit of a classic 1911.
  • Impressive firepower.

Kimber Micro 9 Cons

  • One-sided safety.
  • Slightly longer than the P938.

best Sig Sauer P938

Sig Sauer P938 Pros

  • Utilizes a reputable Sig Sauer chassis and frame.
  • It’s a modular design.
  • Includes SIGLITE Night Sights
  • It’s a very durable design.
  • Has been modeled excellently on the classic 1911 style.
  • Features ambidextrous thumb safeties.

Sig Sauer P938 Cons

  • Costs more than the Kimber Micro 9
  • You don’t get a full grip with this compact style gun.

Sig Sauer P938 vs Kimber Micro 9 Conclusion

In conclusion, what more can we say, but that these two guns are truly a great piece of engineering from both Kimber and Sig Sauer? They really have tried to capture the essence of the original 1911. By sizing their guns down and modernizing them for today’s demands. The Colt 1911 lives on now in a multitude of inspired forms. With the P938 and Micro 9 being amongst some of the best out there!

If we personally had to choose a favorite, it would have to be the Kimber. Although if we had to have the Sauer, we’d take it with no questions asked.

We just like the Kimber for its style, lightly brushed metal finish and because it grips so nicely for a compact firearm. Not to mention that it is just that little bit slimmer than the P938. And it has rounded-off muzzle edges. We’d probably go for the Kimber as a concealed carry, as it does seem easier to conceal. Even if it has the longer muzzle of the two guns we’ve looked at.

We must just say one last thing though! In this modern age, Sig Sauer does look like they are leading the way in producing firearms that are excellent in the field. And if the US Army has backed them, it’s definitely advisable not to dismiss the Sig Sauer P938.

We thank you for checking out our comparison article on these two compact weapons. And hope you have found some useful information if you’re thinking of buying one. And as always, keep checking those chambers before handling your weapons, stay safe, and have fun!

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  1. I have both. The kimber is more accurate and the sig is more reliable, only failures was light strikes on kimber with some old norinco.

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