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Walther CCP M2 Review

Looking for a 9mm single stack concealed carry pistol for everyday use that has incredible ergonomics giving you a super comfy grip? Do you also want a handgun with a simple to rack slide, has soft recoil, is very accurate, and has an easy takedown?

If so, here’s a great solution…

In this Walther CCP M2 Review, we’ll delve deeper into an impressive upgrade to the Walther CCP. And it comes in a very reasonable price bracket. We’ll take a look at the great new features, such as the tool-less takedown. As well as the new in-place gas blowback system which aids with the soft recoil action.

But, before we run through the main features, including construction, functionality, and shooting performance. Let’s first learn a little more about Walther and why this pistol was developed…

Walther CCP M2 Development

First off, for any of you that are dubious about a non-US manufactured firearm, we can understand why. Many foreign manufacturers just don’t cut the mustard in terms of overall quality and design.

Walther, on the other hand, took the US market by storm when they made their PPQ available for Americans. Since then, they’ve gained a solid reputation in the USA. Especially for the ergonomic designs that have become synonymous with Walther pistols.

In March 2014, the German arms manufacturer released the Walther CCP, a concealed carry pistol. What was impressive about this gun was it’s very comfortable and ergonomic design. However, the downside was that it was quite a tricky takedown. With certain tools needed to carry out the task.

walther ccp m2 reviews

Recall needed…

But, in March 2017, the CCP had to be recalled because there was potential for the gun to discharge if dropped, even with the manual safety engaged.

So it seems Walther took the opportunity to update the CCP after the recall and launched its newer CCP M2 in August 2018.

And we’re glad they did…

The new CCP M2 is a much-improved version of the original design. Although bearly nothing has changed in the ergonomic design of the gun. This is most likely because many people were very happy with the grip that was on the original CCP. The main updates are in the form of a tool-less takedown and a gas-delayed blowback system, to manage the recoil more effectively.

Also, the trigger has some improvements, and it has become even easier to rack the slide.

The Size, Weight, & Construction

The Walther CCP M2 is a slimline concealed carry pistol choice at 1.18 inches in width, and it is lightweight at just 20 ounces when empty. It has a height of 5.12 inches, a full length of 6.41 inches and a barrel length of 3.54 inches.

These numbers mean that you have a decent-sized but concealable pistol that can be holstered for everyday use. This is because it’s not going to be as bulky and heavy as other CCW options in the same category. Such as some Glock models, for example.

walther ccp m2 review

If so, here’s a great solution…

The CCP M2 has a solid yet lightweight black polymer frame. The standard pistol slide is made from black carbon steel for long-lasting durability. There are different slide options, including a brushed “Stainless” steel finish or a “Viridian” finish as well as the “Black” carbon steel option. All the options amount to a very smooth and great-looking design.

Overall, Walther has taken quite a modern approach to ensure that you get a strong yet lightweight overall pistol design here.

Speaking of a smooth and great looking design, let’s talk more about the…

Feel & Ergonomics

Walther has become renowned for the well-crafted and well thought out grip designs which have become much loved! Many gun owners feel like the CCP grip molds to their hand perfectly. And when you have such a comfortable and firm grip, it certainly feels like you have more control over your pistol.

There are well-placed contours on the CCP M2’s textured grip. Plus, there’s even a cleverly placed indentation just below the trigger, so that your middle finger rests snuggly in place. We also like that they’ve added a polymer finger pad on the bottom of the single stack magazine, giving you added comfort and shooting style options.

Ultimately, we think for the average hand-size male shooter, this grip should fit you almost perfectly. This is an aspect that is surprisingly neglected with other gun manufacturers.

walther ccp m2

Moving on, here’s another top selling point of this pistol…
The tool-less takedown

Arguably, an equally loved aspect of this updated M2 construction is its tool-less takedown. You had to use a specific tool with the first CCP model to release the slide so that you can take the gun apart. Many owners found the process tedious, rather difficult, and if you lost the specific tool needed, you wouldn’t be able to disassemble the gun.

How To Dismantle The Walther CCP M2?

Instead, with the CCP M2, you should first drop out the magazine and then ensure the gun is not loaded. Then you just simply depress the circular component on the rear of the weapon, whilst simultaneously flicking the switch below to its right positioning.

After doing this, the back part of the striker will be released, and the slide will become loose. Finally, you just pull the slide back and upwards to take the slide off and to continue dismantling the M2.

Absolutely no tools needed!

The reassembly is almost just as easy, with a gas piston and two springs that need to be positioned correctly. These processes are not at all difficult and will take only a few seconds.

In addition, the racking of the slide is also very smooth and fluid, with little strength being needed to carry out the task. This is mainly because the recoil spring’s tension is a lot less than on most striker-fired pistol designs. Therefore, we believe anyone with even limited hand strength would enjoy the minimal effort you need to rack and takedown this weapon.

Now, this is where it gets even more interesting and why Walther allows for a softer recoil spring in this gun…

Recoil & Accuracy

As some of you might be aware, a fixed barrel blowback design will give you some fantastic accuracy in a pistol. And the new CCP now features a gas-delayed blowback system on a fixed barrel design, which is very much the same as the semi-auto Heckler & Koch P7.

The M2 has a special delayed blowback piston installed on the inside-front of the slide. Also, beneath the barrel is a blowback chamber that is built into this pistol design.

best walther ccp m2 review

So how does this system function?

After firing the pistol, when the bullet passes a certain point in the barrel, past the blowback chamber, gases are forced through a hole into the chamber. This process effectively delays the slide action, holding the slide in place and then rapidly forces the slide back.

This is what Walther calls their Softcoil gas technology. A large proportion of the gas expenditure happens before the slide goes back, which in turn means that the recoil spring does not need to have a strong tension to prevent recoil.

The ingenious Softcoil gas technology deals with most of the recoil, and the softer recoil spring means you won’t have a tough time racking this weapon.

Moving onto the M2 accuracy…

So with a very soft recoil and a gas-delayed fixed barrel blowback system in place, the accuracy for close quarter combat, self-defense, and target shooting becomes exceptional. This is because a fixed barrel design has no movement, so when you focus your sights properly and let off a round, the bullet should go exactly where you want it too.

The gas system aspect, ultimately, compliments the fixed barrel design. Other fixed barrel guns without the gas blowback are commonly known to have a fairly heavy recoil.

The Trigger

One of the last major features we will discuss is the trigger and its performance. The trigger, when pulled, is officially noted to have a travel of 0.27 inches and a weight of 5.5 pounds. However, in reality, many owners have found that the trigger’s pull weight can be less than the official number, measuring between 4.5-5 pounds on average – which is a bonus.

The actual feel of shooting with the trigger is overall a clean, predictable, light, and crisp experience. There is a slight bit of loose travel as you begin to pull on the trigger, which could have been done away with, in our opinion.

However, once you pull the trigger just over half of its travel distance, it engages and becomes crisp and predictable. The trigger reset is a little long though, but it shouldn’t hinder your shooting abilities that noticeably.

Other Notable Features

The manual safety on this pistol is a good size, operates smoothly, and is ergonomically positioned, so it naturally falls within your thumb’s reach.

We also think it’s reasonable to assume that the newer CCP M2 model has been designed so that there is little or no chance that it will let off a round when dropped – with or without the manual safety engaged.

Mount An Accessory

Another great feature is the Picatinny rail that is built into this design. The three slots are ideal for mounting some compact pistol accessories such as a flashlight or laser. And three slots is quite impressive for a 9mm pistol.

If you do decide to purchase the Walther CCP M2, you’ll receive it in a solid and quality hard plastic carrying case with padded foam inside for protection. You also get a special Walther lock so that you can lock the case – which is very handy if you have children around the home.

Also, you get some extra little tools in the case such as a chamber flag, bore brush, and some alternative sized sights. Plus, there is a user manual and a registration card with which you can claim Walther’s “Legendary Lifetime Warranty.”

You also get a spare magazine and, of course, your pistol with a magazine already inserted.

Speaking of sights…

This pistol has three white dot sights that work nicely with the accuracy that you can attain in close-range targeting. You can also switch up the sights if necessary, quite easily.

Issues With The CCP M2?

There is one noticeable difference compared to most striker pistols that you will fire. The blowback chamber, where the gas is forced through, can get a little hot if you let off a substantial number of rounds. However, even after letting off a few hundred rounds in one session at the range, the heat from the gas blowback still isn’t enough to cause any discomfort.

It’s just a noticeable and distinguishable factor that you won’t have with your average pistol’s mechanics.

The single-stack…

Some of you might want a few more rounds than the 8-round single stack magazine that fits into the CCP M2. However, if this were the case, the gun would become less of a concealed carry option, and more of a full-size shooter.

Plus, you do get one extra high-quality single stack steel magazine when you purchase this gun. So if you have a well-concealed carry pistol holster that has spare mag pouches, you’ll be able to carry an extra set of rounds if needed. It’s also worth noting that the mag release is reversible.

Walther CCP M2 Pros & Cons


  • Exceptionally accurate.
  • Soft recoil.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Gas-delayed blowback system.
  • Easy to rack the slide.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Tool-less takedown.


  • Can get hot after substantial rounds are fired.


We’ve reached the end of this review of the well built CCP M2 from Walther. And we’ve made sure to highlight its key features and selling points.

We also thought it important to mention how it was developed from the original CCP and how Walther has gained a solid reputation in the US market. Walther’s trademark has become its very comfortable and ergonomic pistol designs.

However, we also forgot to mention that this pistol usually comes in a very favorable price range for a 9mm with such well-designed features. Therefore, if you want an accurate, easy to use, comfortable and soft recoiling concealed carry 9mm pistol – the Walther CCP M2 is a very safe bet.

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