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Gunbroker – Ultimate Review 2023

If you’ve been searching for anything firearm related on the internet, it’s likely that you’ve come across Gunbroker, whether you know about it or not. Gunbroker.com is a well-established brokerage for gun owners to buy and sell guns and gun gear. It basically acts as a middle-man – in a similar way to how eBay functions.

In this article, we will learn more about how Gunbroker works, and if it is a worthwhile platform to use. We’ll also explore the issue of reliable sellers and what the site offers if you don’t receive the product you were expecting.

gunbroker.com Review

So sit back, and take a moment to learn more in this in-depth Gunbroker Review…

What to expect on Gunbroker.com?

Gunbroker is a 100% legal platform that allows everyday gun enthusiasts to buy and sell guns and gun-related products. Its genius is that it brings buyers and sellers together easily. Plus, with more people using the site, the more options become available for the buyer to choose from.

As well, because many of the firearms and accessories sold on the site are preowned, any buyer is likely to get a great deal on their desired purchase.

No license needed…

You actually do not need a license to sell guns on Gunbroker, and this is perfectly legal. Essentially, the site just acts as a third-party broker that facilitates the buying and selling process. And it does this in a formalized and safer way than if you had to do it on your own.

So ultimately, this site is of great benefit to any kind of gun enthusiast out there that wants to get a great deal on a firearm. But also wants a safe and transparent procedure to do so.

What’s in it for them?

Gunbroker charges a percentage of whatever is sold on their site, with the rates differing depending on the services offered. The process is very transparent and standardized, so you know that everything is above board when you are buying or selling a product on their site.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how they charge you fees, and why using Gunbroker can definitely save you money…

Gunbroker fees broken down

First off, let’s consider how you would sell a gun or gun related product without a site like this…

gunbroker review feeMost likely, you would have to go into a dealership, and they would assess the gun you want to sell, and then offer a price. You might be able to mention how much you want for the gun. But ultimately, the dealership will decide how much they are willing to pay for it.

Additionally, you have to remember that a local gun shop or dealership will less likely have a huge marketplace to sell your product. So this means they probably will give you a lot less for your gun than the typical going rate.

Here’s where Gunbroker comes in…

Unlike local dealerships, Gunbroker has a huge marketplace where people buy and sell on a large scale every day all over the country.

Because Gunbroker is such a large operation, they can afford to standardize their fees. This should translate into better deals for buyers and lower fees for sellers.

The fee structure…

So basically, all sales up to $250 are charged a 6% fee to the seller. If you sell something over $250, the extra amount made will be charged at 3.5%.

An example of how the fees work could be like this…

Imagine you sell an AR-15 rifle for $700. $250 of the sale will be charged with a 6% fee. The extra $450 will be charged at 3.5%. Therefore the overall fee will be $30.75 – which is called the “Final Value Fee” on Gunbroker.com.

So whether you are auctioning an item off, or straight selling – these fees will apply.

Now, when you think how much a local gun dealership might offer you for that AR rifle, in most cases, it’s surely going to be for a lot less than if you were to sell it on Gunbroker, even with the fees added on.

Additional options…

If you are selling gun-related products on Gunbroker, you will have some additional options so that you can make your products more visible on the site.

The paid advertising with Gunbroker can be customized to a period of your liking. And your products will be shown both on the site and in targeted adverts off-site as well.

You’ll then have to pay your advertising fees at the end of each month. The amount you have to pay will depend on your preselected package, and also the interactions people have had with your adverts.

These options are ideal for people or dealerships selling multiple items on a more regular basis.

How hard is it to get an account on Gunbroker.com?

The signing up process is incredibly easy. To start with, all you have to do is provide your email address and create some log in details on the site. account on Gunbroker.com

The next step will be to add your payment method, which is required initially for anyone who wants to sell on the site. You’ll be given two options – either a bank account or credit card.

To add your payment method, you’ll need to click on “My Account,” and then you should select “Billing Info.” Next, you just have to click on one of the “Add Payment” options and follow the instructions given.

How to sell your firearm or equipment?

Once your account is set-up, you’re now ready to sell almost straight away!

First off, however, you need to go through some simple steps to get your item listed properly. This process is very straightforward, and here we’ll review how easy it is to list an item ready for sale…

Item description

The system is simply laid out so that you can make a title describing the name of the gun or gun related product clearly – so it will pop-up when people search for it. It’s advised not to overdo it and fill the section up with too many specifications.

The subtitle is there to be used to add a little bit more extra information if needed about the product you are selling.

The description part is where you clearly list out the specifications of what you are selling. But make sure everything is accurate and easy to read. You should also state your payment terms, shipping details, and sales tax information.

Format and price

The next part is where you can select whether you want to auction what you are selling, or put it on the site at a fixed price. Just like eBay, having the auction option is great if you are not really sure on what price you want for your item.

The fixed price option can be used on the site for as long as 90 days at a time for an item. This is plenty enough time for you to get your item sold. If it doesn’t sell in this timeframe, you should consider lowering your price. There are many useful options available for when you auction at this step, like delaying the auction time, setting a reserve price and adding a “Buy Now” option.

We also think it’s great that you have more optional services at this step, to give your item more exposure. These will vary in price and will be shown clearly as you go through the process.

This part covers three aspects really, but we’ve condensed it into one. 

Firstly, you’ll now be able to upload up to 10 pictures, which is a great feature! The images a potential buyer can see the better. Plus, after you’ve listed the item, you’ll even be able to upload more if you want to.

Next, it’s really useful that you can then preview the listing you are about to put live. You will be able to see your item as it would be seen by any potential buyer. At this stage, you can go back and change things if something doesn’t look quite right.

Finally, once you’ve posted your listing or even multiple listings, you can easily track your selling activity. Gunbroker gives you an easy to read summary that clearly states the progress of your item.

So overall, in terms of selling, you can be the master over many features to ensure that your item is shown in the massive online marketplace that is Gunbroker.com.

Can I really ship a firearm once it’s been sold on Gunbroker?

The plain answer is – Yes.

You do not require an FFL license to ship a firearm or firearm-related product. However, you must ensure that you are shipping to someone or a company that does have an FFL license.

Important to know…

Additionally, you will only be able to ship the item with a private shipping provider like UPS or FedEx. You can’t send firearm-related products through the standard American postal service.ship a firearm on gunbroker

As well, remember ammo being shipped will come under a special category. This will need to be looked up depending on the shipping provider that you choose to use.

Is it easy to buy on Gunbroker?

This is quite a common question that people ask if they are new to buying firearms online.

First off, it is very easy to find what you want. Gunbroker has thousands of listings with all its products being firearms or in some way firearm related. Whatever you’re searching for, someone is sure to be selling it. There will most likely be multiple options for what you want too.

What about the FFL?

So if you have an FFL, all you need to do is follow a simple step process that will take only minutes if you have your information to hand. The process can be found in your “Account Information,” where there is the option to add your FFL number and other relevant information.

Once your info has been reviewed and confirmed as OK, you’ll be ready to buy what you like – it’s that easy.

What if I don’t have an FFL?

Well, Gunbroker has made up a vast FFL Dealer network, whereby many gun shops and local dealerships will allow you to ship the product you’ve bought, over to them. You’ll have to go down to the place and fill out a 4473 form and get a background check. Once all this comes through clear, you can collect your purchase.

Buying has never been so easy…

With the use of Gunbroker being so simple. It’s no wonder thousands of gun enthusiasts, hunters, target shooters, and combat specialists are using this site.

You’re basically getting access to a vast selection of guns and gun products with just a few clicks on your internet-connected device.

Yet, every armor has its weakness…

You will need to remain aware of scams and low-grade products

One of the main worries is knowing if the product that you’ve seen and read about will come to you as it has been described.

At least in a gun shop, you can see what you’re buying right?

Well, it can be an issue where sellers send you something that isn’t what it was advertised as being.

Sometimes sellers even try and sell guns or gun accessories that will be almost identical to the original brand you were looking at. But you may well receive another item.

The only real way to alleviate these sorts of problems is to research the product that you are buying. By knowing what it should look like and what it should come with, you’ll have a better chance to file a fraudulent claim against the seller.

Gunbroker will allow you to fill out a fraudulent claim form if you think the product you receive is not as described. Mind, this has to be completed and sent off in some cases within 30 days of purchase in some cases. In other cases, you may get up to 60 days to file a claim.

This has to be one of the only major downfalls to buying through Gunbroker. But usually, if you do get any problems, it will get sorted out by following the correct procedure.

Plus, with thousands of transactions happening every day on this site, we think it can be trusted for the most part.

Gunbroker Review Pros and Cons Summary

Here we’d just like to recap on what’s good and not so good when using Gunbroker, to buy and sell firearms and firearm-related products such as the best slug scopes, best AR-15 charging handles, sights, or holsters to name a few.


  • Huge selection for buyers.
  • Potentially lower prices.
  • Ability to bid on items.
  • Easy to sign up.
  • List items for sale quickly.
  • Sell nationwide.
  • Options for advertising.
  • No FFL needed for selling.
  • Don’t have to worry about meeting buyers.
  • Very easy to buy and to sell.
  • Don’t necessarily need an FFL to buy.
  • Fraudulent claims form is available.


  • Can’t see the product in person.
  • Potential for scams.
  • Bought items need to go to an FFL holder.

Other options?

Of course, there will be other options where you can buy and sell used and new guns on the web. It just takes a quick search on the net to find a top 10 list of gun sites such as Gunbroker. However, on an all-round basis, Gunbroker has a lot to offer. It also has the advantage of having their FFL Dealer networks all around the country.

Gunbroker Review Conclusion

Firstly, we would like to thank you for checking out our review of Gunbroker.

We hope you found the information useful enough to make a decision into whether you want to use it for buying or selling firearms, or related products and accessories.

Gunbroker will give you an incredible amount of options that you never had before, and all for prices that are less than you would expect. Plus, it can really help dealerships, as well as individuals, make a viable business out of selling guns and accessories.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we wish you luck in your endeavors. And of course, happy shooting!

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