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Top 5 Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700 in 2023

There are bolt action rifles, and then there is the Remington 700! It is a truly classic weapon and is still America’s favorite gun of this type.

The Remington 700 offers shooters reliability, safety, and accuracy. With accuracy in mind, there is a way to vastly improve this and the distances you are shooting over. That is through the addition of a quality optic.

The challenge? This classic bolt-action rifle does not come with rails or scope attachment features.

The solution: Install one of the best scope mounts for Remington 700 rifles currently available.

But, which mounting option to choose? To help you decide, here are five quality mounts that certainly fit the bill.

Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700

Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700 in 2023 Reviews

  1. Vortex 30mm Cantilever Riflescope Ring Mount for AR-15 Up to 34% Off w/ Free S&H — 2 Models
  2. Nightforce – Unimounts – Most Accurate Scope Mount For Remington 700
  3. Vortex Viper Extended Cantilever Mount – Best Beginners Scope Mount For Remington 700
  4. Talley Lightweight Alloy Scope Mounts – Best Hunting Scope Mount For Remington 700
  5. Burris AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope Rings – Most Durable Scope Mount For Remington 700

1 Vortex 30mm Cantilever Riflescope Ring Mount for AR-15 Up to 34% Off w/ Free S&H — 2 Models

Vortex makes some excellent optics. They also produce quality scope accessories and fittings. This Riflescope Ring Mount is a worthy example.

Built to last a long time…

As shooters will be only too aware, the Remington 700 comes with heavy expected recoil. What that means is you need a quality, robust ring mount for optic mounting. This 30mm Cantilever mount from Vortex is of one-piece construction and includes two integrated rings.

It is made from tough-wearing aluminum, finished in black, and is weather resistant. It weighs in at 6.7 ounces, and the base/mount type is a Torx 15 Mounting Bit. As for ring height, this is 1.59-inches and is designed to fit riflescopes with a tube diameter of 30mm.

Install in a forward location…

These ring mounts come in two models and give a choice of a two to three-inch offset orientation. This gives the ability for shooters to install their chosen telescopic sight in a forward location.

The fact that these scope mounts are cantilever and not straight mount design has advantages. It means that while shooting, you will maintain correct head placement and have sufficient eye relief to fire consistently and comfortably.

Vortex stands fully behind its products…

Buying confidence will be yours when learning of the Vortex VIP (Very Important Promise!) Warranty. At no cost to you, they will repair or replace this scope mount if it is damaged or defective.

If it cannot be repaired, then it will be replaced with a product which is in perfect working order. One that is of equal or better physical condition than your original purchase.

But bear in mind…

The only reasonable exceptions to bear in mind with this cover include such things as loss, theft, and deliberate or cosmetic damage. To be sure of exact cover details, we do recommend you read and understand the terms and conditions of this excellent warranty.


  • Vortex quality, built to last.
  • One-piece scope mount construction with two integrated rings.
  • Cantilever design.
  • Forward-oriented offset mount configuration.
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty.


  • No QD (Quick Detach) option.
  • On the heavy side.

2 Nightforce – Unimounts – Most Accurate Scope Mount For Remington 700

Nightforce is a REAL force in the optics world, and their Unimounts certainly offer model and size choice. Although they represent a substantial investment decision, you can be fully assured that quality is a given.

Perfect for hunters or target shooting…

Robustness and a secure fit are a must when looking at the most durable scope mounts for Remington 700 use. You certainly get this with the seven different Nightforce Unimount configurations on offer. Options include a choice of tube size and height, but whichever model you choose, all are top quality.

These mounts are CNC machined from sturdy 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with a matte black coating. The precise tolerances used during manufacture ensure that your riflescope will not be subject to stress, strain, or bending while tightening the ring screws.

Straightforward design…

Attaching the unimount is quick and straightforward. It attaches to your Remington 700 using two ½-inch hex screws. The ability to tighten/loosen these screws with your hands means attachment/detachment is made very easy.

Just as importantly, these unimounts accommodate a wide choice of scopes. This makes them perfect for hunters and target shooters.

Claimed to be the most accurate Mil-Std 1913 mount…

The unimounts from Nightforce are designed to secure your scope at all times and under all conditions. The company claims they are the most accurate Mil Std 1913 mounts available and incorporate a built-in 20 MOA taper. This design feature works to maximize long-range capability.

Many shooters who use their Remington 700 for hunting will consider optic choices with large objectives. This greatly assists with coverage and fast target acquisition. If this is your want, then the Nightforce unimounts are ideal. They accept a wide range of such optics and hold them in place very securely.


  • Very solid construction.
  • Easy to fit and easy to detach.
  • High scope mount.
  • Takes a wide range of scopes.
  • Could well be the avid hunters choice.


  • An investment that needs consideration.

3 Vortex Viper Extended Cantilever Mount – Best Beginners Scope Mount For Remington 700

We move back over to Vortex, and another of the best novices scope mounts for Remington 700 shooters.

Model choice, along with ease of install…

This extended cantilever mount comes in different variants. You have a scope choice of either 1-inch, 30mm, or 34mm size. Each one of these has a height of 1.435-inches from the base.

Straightforward, easy install is yours. This makes it an ideal mount for those new to Remington 700 weapon and scope use. Having said this, more experienced shooters will certainly not be disappointed.

The quality design ensures excellent eye relief and efficiently retains zero even after multiple shooting sessions. The added bonus is its attractive price. This is certainly a durable scope mounting option. One that is both secure and effective and will handle expected recoil.

Solid build will give years of use…

Although this is a fairly simple scope mount design, its aluminum build should give years of robust use. It is a one-point scope that comes with a matte black finish.

Going back to ease of installation, this is largely due to the fact that the scope mounting screws are vertical rather than horizontal. Shooters will find the installation process quick and easy when placing it on Picatinny or Weaver bases.


  • Very solid construction.
  • Built to last.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Retains zero.
  • Good choice for beginners as well as the more experienced.
  • Reasonably priced for what is offered.
  • Very solid warranty.


  • Weight may be an issue for some.

4 Talley Lightweight Alloy Scope Mounts – Best Hunting Scope Mount For Remington 700

From the title, one thing is very clear, Talley offers a huge choice of scope mount models – 57 in total!

Solid choice for hunting or competition shooting…

These mounts are of a single-piece alloy construction with the base of the scope rings and mount base molded from one piece of steel. The alloy Talley uses for the construction is as light as aluminum but even stronger.

Dimension-wise, each ring cap is ⅝-inches wide and comes with four Torx screws. This makes securing even the largest scopes possible and will prevent your optic from slipping or shifting once correctly installed. Color-wise they come in either silver or black, dependent upon the chosen model.

They have the ability to withstand all calibers. With this in mind, they are a very good choice for hunters as well as those into competition shooting.

Four different height variants…

This will be covered fully in our buying guide, but two ‘must-have’ features of the best scope mounts for Remington 700 shooters are flexibility and a robust build. The Talley Lightweight scope mounts offer both. They will accept scopes up to a one-inch diameter and also come in four different height options: Low, Medium, High, and X-High.

Price-wise, you are getting real value, and included with your purchase are the rings, screws, and a T-15 Torx wrench. Installation is quick and easy; once completed, you will be assured of durability and a very solid scope mounting. One that will withstand the tough use you put your weapon through while still holding zero.


  • Wide choice of models available.
  • Solid one-piece design.
  • Robust and Durable.
  • Will stand up to any ammo used.
  • Excellent price for what is on offer.


  • Not the easiest to adjust.

5 Burris AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope Rings – Most Durable Scope Mount For Remington 700

We finish off our reviews with a choice of four models from the highly respected Burris. These rings with mount are their AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope options.

What’s the PEPR all about?

PEPR is the acronym for Proper Eye Position Ready. This solid, robust, and long-lasting cantilever mount is classed as one of the most robust scope mounts for Remington 700 use.

It provides the clearance you require and can add as much as 2-inches of forward scope positioning. This rings and mount combination will also fit a very wide choice of scope models. In terms of benefits, you can expect excellent eye placement, optimum eye relief, and full FOV (Field of View).

Good choice of models…

Flexibility is yours, thanks to the single unit ring base design. It is also a good choice for shooters with more than one ‘same-size diameter’ optic. This is because swapping out for different optics depending on your need, application, and mood is made easy.

It includes smooth as well as Picatinny ring tops and easily attaches to any AR-platform weapon with Picatinny rail uppers.

Size-wise you can choose between the 1-inch, 30mm, and 34mm sizes. Shooters looking at further flexibility will note that both the 1-inch and 30mm are offered in QD (Quick Detach) versions. For you shooters with even larger scope diameters, the 34mm size includes 20 MOA of built-in cant.

Purchase with confidence…

Burris is another manufacturer that stands solidly behind the quality of its products. Its ‘Forever Warranty’ means that if any purchased product proves to be damaged or defective, it will be covered. No questions asked.

There will be no repair or replacement charge. No warranty card is required, no receipt needed, and this cover can automatically be transferred to future owners. As with all warranties/guarantees, please do check the terms and conditions.


  • Solid, robust use is yours.
  • Fits a wide range of optics.
  • A variety of sizes available.
  • QD options.
  • PEPR design offers very good eye relief and FOV.


  • QD versions could offer easier operation.
  • On the heavy side for some.

Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700 Buying Guide

Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700 Guide

Here are a few pointers to look out for when considering the best quality scope mounts for Remington 700 use. Take these into account against your personal preference and type of use. By doing so, you will be well on the way to making a well-informed purchase decision.

What type of Scope Mount Design best suits your needs?

You have three options in terms of scope mount design for your Remington 700. These are…

  • One-Piece Design

This is a very straightforward design and easy to install and adjust. They come with a base that is screwed into the receiver and parallel-aligned split rings. You simply insert and tighten the scope.

Positive: Very easy to install. Adds height to your scope. A solid choice for Remington 700 use.

Negative: Can add noticeable weight to your weapon.

  • Two-Piece Design

This type of scope mount is really just a one-piece mount divided in two. You attach (screw) the rear part to the receiver end of your weapon, the other part is positioned further up, ahead of your weapons ejection port.

Positive: Distance adjustment between front/rear rings can make loading easier. They tend to be lighter in weight.

Negative: Rifles that are not pre-tapped or pre-drilled for alignment of the two parts make correct alignment more of a challenge.

  • QD (Quick Detach) Design

These can often be referred to as Picatinny or Weaver rail systems. The rail system is tapped onto the receiver and allows your scope(s) to be attached or detached quickly.

Positive: Stable, more flexibility in eye relief adjustment. Good choice for long-range shooters.

Negative: Some shooters will have no need for this capability. They are generally more expensive than other types of mounts.

Construction Material

Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700 Material

The expected heavy recoil your Remington 700 gives means durability, and robustness are a must. Again, three common types of material are generally used: Steel, aluminum, and alloy. It is often the case you will find combinations of these materials used during construction.

  • Mounts made from steel are the strongest and offer real solidity but are heavier than mounts made from other materials.
  • Aluminum/Steel combination mounts are lighter than all-steel mounts and give excellent durability and robustness.
  • Alloy mounts offer resilience and are light in weight. Take it a step further and go with alloy/steel/zinc, and your mount will be even lighter (and generally cheaper).

Material choice is very important, but for many shooters, so is the weight. Considerations should include:

  • The amount of use you will put your Remington 700 through. Light or occasional users do not need to break the bank!
  • Under what conditions you will use your weapon under. For example, is it mainly for ranch/backyard shooting? If so, weight and being able to withstand the rough and tumble of hunting may not be such an issue.

However, if you intend to regularly hit the woods and hills with trekking and hunting in mind, the opposite is true. In this case, solid, robust, yet lighter weight scope mount models should be the order of the day.

Scope Mount Height

This is a highly important consideration and relates to the size and power of your chosen optic(s). As can be seen from our reviews, the best Remington 700 scope mounts come in: Low, Medium, High, and Extra High configurations.

Figure out which type will suit the size of your scope and base your decision around that. An example is that hunters into longer-range shooting would be wise to look at taller scope mounts.

Looking for more superb Scope Mounts or Remington Accessories?

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So, what are the Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700?

Choosing the perfect scope mounts for your Remington 700 shooting really depends on your type and regularity of use. However, we see regular hunting as being the main name of the Remington 700 game.

With this in mind, we have to recommend the…


Here’s why…

CNC machining from robust, long-lasting 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum affords precise tolerances. When attaching your optic with this mount, it will not be subject to any: Stress, strain, or bending during the ‘finger-tightening’ process of the ring screws.

Secure scope mounting is yours for a very wide range of scope models. Once attached, you will find the additional coverage along with fast target acquisition are gains to be appreciated. These NIGHTFORCE UNIMOUNTS really are a top-notch choice for hunters after any sized prey.

Granted, investment in a quality scope mount for Remington 700 shooting is something that needs careful consideration. However, put that into context over the amount you have paid for your quality optic(s). By doing so, many shooters will see this investment as a sensible, protective, efficient, and flexible way to go.

Happy and safe shooting.

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