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BR4 ODIN 5.56 14.5inch
  • Quantity:
  • Product Name:
  • BR4 ODIN 5.56 14.5inch
  • Product Code:
  • BR4700
  • Upgrade:
  • 16 Inch Option:
  • Muzzle Accessory Options:
  • Price:
  • $1,549.99
  • Description:
  • The BR4 Odin is a joint project between Battle Rifle Company and Odin Works, as a premium carbine in our line of fine rifles. This carbine has a 12.5 inch Battle Rifle HEXRail KEYMOD rail carrying a 14.5 inch barrel with Battle Rifle Flash suppressor mounted permanently. This rifle handles like no other, and you’ll feel the light weight, balance and strength of this unique combination.
  • Quantity:

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