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BR4 ATTACHE 7.5inch without Brace
  • Quantity:
  • Product Name:
  • BR4 ATTACHE 7.5inch without Brace
  • Product Code:
  • BR41000A
  • BR4 Attache:
  • Muzzle Accessory Options:
  • Price:
  • $1,249.99
  • Description:
  • The BR4 Attache is our high performance, .small sized PDW pistol. Compact and powerful, this package looks and performs great. It is available and configured 2 ways: for civilian use - configured as a pistol under ATF rules, with a simulated suppressor -and for Law Enforcement and Military use - which comes with a fully functional integrated suppressor, stock, foregrip and sights.
  • Quantity:

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